Sunday, October 26, 2014

Shinya Shokudo Season 3 Episode 1

Can someone please tell me where in Shinjuku I can find this eatery? I am so happy this show is back cause Shinya Shokudo is my favourite comfort food. This show makes me happy and I love the recurring customers cause they feel like old friends. On a related note, weren't there 3 people in the ochazuke sisters? I need to rewatch the first two seasons to refresh my memory.

Yeah, there's a big plot hole in episode 1 with the husband somehow not being to find the record because it is out of print. There are plenty of second hand shops in Japan and even shops that specialise in enka and very classic Japanese records.

However, I find this episode so enjoyable that I didn't really care about the plot hole. I'll accept it for a nice, simple story that can bring a smile to my face and rumbling to my stomach. Aaaaaaah, I want to eat menchi katsu right now! Way too early to say whether it will match the first two seasons but I will go out on a limb and say yes!


Yuzu said...

You are right, there were 3 ochazuke sisters. I took the opening where they were talking about a wedding as implying that one of them got hitched, but they never come right out and say so.

Usually after watching this I think about what I would order and wish it really existed and then I come to my senses and realize I would never go due to the hours. Sigh...

Jung said...

Did some sleuthing for you and came across this Korean article who found the place.

Bad news is you won't find the exact restaurant because what you seen in the show is either a set or shot somewhere else.

Good news is that you'll find a place that inspired the manga Author Abe, and operates very much like the one found in the show.

Unfortunately the author doesn't give away the name except that it's one of many shops on Golden Gai alleys in Shinjuku, though I'm sure everyone in the area probably knows.

It's own by an old lady and she has known Abe for 30 years. He still frequents there every couple weeks apparently.

You can even find Abe's pictures as a kid on the wall.

Someone was kind enough to upload this video of the alleys. I doubt it'll be hard to find.

@2:35 mark, you'll see a sign ashiato hanging. Apparently that place is run by someone who is a big fan of the show and serves similar food. I'm sure if you asked the owner where the real place is.

Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
Wow, Jung, you are a super sleuth. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Rootabega again:
I just watched ep. 1 and I was really moved. Superior acting triumphed over a well-worn storyline. Master is getting ever-so-slightly older, yet he remains the epitome of cool.