Friday, October 03, 2014

Nakuna Hara-chan

Nakuna Hara-chan is an interesting dorama by Okada Yoshikazu (Saigo Kara Nibanme no Koi). Echizen-san (Aso Kumiko) draws manga as a hobby and one day Hara-chan, one of the characters in her manga manages to enter the real world in pursuit of God/Echizen-san.


+ Its basically a reverse Video Girl Ai/Chobits/Name any regular dude summon magical girl anime without the harem.
+ A lot of effort went into this dorama.
+ Nagase Tomoya's brand of overacting suits this type of story, or rather he is not exposed too much...
+ Similar to Haruhi, I love the god interacting with her creations bit of it. A lot of parallels with religion to explore not to mention falling in love with (literally) 2D characters.


- I grew very tired of the over overacting by the middle of the show.
- I felt Nakuna Hara-chan could have gone to darker and more interesting places. For eg, Echizen-san should have 'erased' the fake boss after his resurrection because he was making the manga unbalanced.
- I really didn't care about any of the characters and basically skimmed the last few episodes.


Watchable dorama with a rare premise that doesn't fulfill its potential but doesn't stuff it up either. Watch it for something different but keep your expectations low.


Antspace said...

Spot on! I liked this series without liking it. It didn't work, although the different elements were interesting.
As I was trying to post this, the anti-robot password appeared in kanji (which I can't read).
Weird : P

Akiramike said...

Antspace: Are you trying to tell me you are in Japan?

Antspace said...

Nope, I wish : (
In Amsterdam really. The second time numbers appeared and I could post then : )