Friday, April 25, 2014

Silent Poor Ep 1

 Fukada Kyoko eating a burger without putting the top on. lol You can see on the tray the top bun and lettuce that she ignores.

Disregarding the fact Fukada Kyoko can't act (dodges eggs from Fukakyon fans), Silent Poor is a horribly written and boring moral show aimed at 10 year olds. Can't be stuffed criticizing Silent Poor cause it put me to sleep. The only thought that I had watching this was that Fukada Kyoko must have something in her contract that says any scene that was a full shot of her face must be lit up with the power of 10 suns.

So many much better shows to watch this season. I am checking all the time now for Mozu ep 3 to be uploaded.


dgundam said...

LOL i dont know what you were expecting watching a fukakyon drama lol. im a fan but i know that shes not great at acting and none of her recent shows were good at all. except for maybe senyoug shufu tantei cuz that had kiritani kenta and asahina sei :P
just watch it because its more fukakyon :)
so did you ever watch that movie with kitagawa keiko and fukakyon where their supposed to be roommates and fukakyon is crazy? just wondering if its watchable.

Sonna~ said...

I've been a huge fan of Fukada Kyoko for years but I'm going to sit this one out I think. I liked the shufu tantei thing because of Kiritani Kenta, I might just rewatch that instead hahahaha.

Omg dgundam I need to see Roommate 2013 riiiiight away!!

Jung said...

Hahahaha... oh geeze Mike

Well I can't disagree with you with her acting. Sometimes I hate myself for having a soft spot for her.

I liked her the best when she chased down Takeshi Kaneshiro being chauffered in a white van, walked up to overpass, and dropped "I LOVE KEIGO" banner.

I think I popped my jdorama virginity back then.

She'll always be my first...

Akiramike said...

I have nothing good to say about Fukakyon......