Thursday, April 03, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Solider, Project Diva F2 and the latest Sambomaster Owaranai Miracle no Yokan Album.

The best way to sum up Winter Soldier is that it makes me want to see Cap 3 more than I want Avengers 2 which is shooting now. Playing Cap as Jason Bourne is a great idea. This is the solo Marvel movie where the tone of the movie is given more importance than making a movie that pleases everyone. Marvel movies will generally never suck because they know what makes the characters tick but there is that element of playing to all sorts of audiences.

Although Cap 2 is based on the Winter Soldier storyline in the comics, it plays second fiddle to the story of Cap finding his place in this world and is pretty much a team movie. Falcon is not just shoe-horned in because he plays an important role as someone Cap can relate to. Kinda wished they had put Black Widow's story from the comics in this but oh well. Marvel continue doing a great job of making boy scout Cap interesting by playing him off other characters and this movie doesn't have the time waster of until Avengers feel cause interesting stuff happens in Winter Soldier that changes the Marvel cinematic universe.

There are things that happen that are a bit outrageous including the big threat but the movie moves at a good pace and there are many great character moments that I didn't have time to dwell on issues of why which makes a strong action movie. As long as there is a strong central theme, character moments and not too many coincidences with plenty of action, I'm happy to sit along for the ride.

Kinda sad I just saw one of the best car chase scenes ever in The Raid 2 last week, but while the car chase and fighting can't match The Raid or even Bourne, they are pretty good, especially the 1v1 fights. The GSP fight was cool. Cap works best as a street level superhero in a world of espionage. Great job by Marvel making their second best movie so far and fingers crossed for Guardians. Don't go in expecting your mind to be blown and you'll find Winter Soldier is a very good action movie.


Ordered the game from HMV Japan. If I had not gotten the PS3 controller last year, I don't think I would have bothered with the PS3 version cause its only 3D when watching the music videos and not playing the game. The game came with a todoke hibike code which allowed me to get the Vita version for 5000 yen.

My order came with a bag which no dude will ever use.

And a boring mouse pad.


For the first time in forever, I bought a music CD. I have concert DVDs and game soundtrack CDs which  are more bonus items but I think this is my first ever non-street performer Japanese music CD. lol The reason I got it is that I could not find the album to leech online. Seriously. Sambomaster is that unpopular that I even tried to buy the album digitally from Amazon Japan only to find out I can't buy it cause I'm not in Japan. WTF.

Thought about trying Winny which I think is still going but I couldn't be stuffed. It came with the live DVD of their performances during their tour which is awesome. Album, looks like crap and I hate the pink. Anything Sambomaster puts out is great and they are the one band I don't feel like I only like a certain period of stuff. Should have bought their album when I went to their live last year.

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