Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mozu season 1 Episode 2

torachan2006 has subbed the first episode of Mozu. You need to jump through some hoops to get the subs but I support subbers not wanting their hard work to be used to streaming sites to make money. If you're watching with Japanese subs, jadefrost has written a very detailed synopsis of the first episode. Anyways on to episode 2.


+ While Kuraki is on a warpath but the recent widower invites Maki Yoko for a meal twice this episode. Someone knows how to mix business with pleasure.
+ You get more Maki Yoko backstory and it seems like its going to stay in the background for a while and I'm guessing its going to resurface in season 2.
+ I like that Kuraki doesn't have a sidekick for him to explain his actions. I can only guess he is shaking the trees to see what fruits can fall down. He guesses that Maki Yoko received a call about Shingai but there's no way she would let herself be followed so he tries to provoke the Athena Security people.
+ I like the directing and the slow build up.


- Kagawa Teruyuki interrupting Maki Yoko in pursuit of a suspect. I know he hates Public Security cause he reminds everyone of it everytime he is on the screen but why help the suspect get away?


= How did Kuraki know where Maki Yoko was? They better explain that he planted a gps tracker on her during his two meals with her. Come to think about it, the proper way to show the gps would be for Shingai to notice it on the ground right before Kuraki bursts into the room. Why leave the explanation for the next episode unless that's how Kuraki finds her. This could turn out to be a plus depending on how they explain it in ep 3.

= I think I know who Shingai's sister is. Maki Yoko's comment about his face sounded like foreshadowing to me. Still don't really care about Shingai. He is severely lacking that scary aura.


How good Mozu will be depends on how it all ties in together.


Jung said...

I was meh about the cast, but I like this show a lot so far. Even though not much has been revealed, I'm enjoying the mystery and suspense.

The director does a good job shooting the scenes in gripping fashion. My favorite scene was the cigarette duel between Nakagami and Kuraki. Genius scenes like that makes or breaks shows imho.

Thank god for the Nakagami guy, because Suzuki sensei is too weak. To me, he is even weaker than Shingai, who I think was an interesting casting choice because his androgynous nature makes him go undetected as a hitman.

I agree this show can go wrong. I'm bummed that this will have more season. I was looking forward to some closure!

Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
Ep 2 was better than I expected. The show continues to look and sound great. The director seems to take his inspiration from Hong Kong police procedurals pretty seriously, i.e. you can get away with a lot of cliche dialogue, plot devices and action if you look stylish and atmospheric doing it. I approve.
There's plenty of cheeze lurking at the margins, like daruma, security firms and "God wants you to live" cutesy sidekicks, but I'm hoping the writers keep it to a minimum. Ono and Nishijima are totally heating up the screen. Nice to see some real adult attraction/tension in a dorama (again the HK influence).
Hasegawa Hiroki continues to be unintentionally hilarious (first a stoned fake surgeon - now a stoned security CEO).

Akiramike said...

Jung, if my guess is correct about Shingai's sister then androgynous necessary trait for his role.

Rootabega, Jdoramas need for HK style serious police stuff instead of tokusatsu police shows.