Monday, April 07, 2014

Chi no Wadachi

Sigh, how did WOWOW get so many things wrong with Chi no Wadachi. The basic story is that Tanihara Shosuke and Harada Taizo are former best friends from the first investigation division. Harada attacks a murder suspect is suspended but is given a new lease on his career when he is recruited to the Public Security division aka the we can do anything as long as we claim its for the good of Japan division.

Tanihara Shosuke's daughter get leukemia and was about to undergo a life saving operation when Public Security arrests the doctor and she dies leading to the breakdown of Tanihara's marriage and his hatred for Public Security. Yes, ladies and gentlemen that is the crux for this jdorama underneath all the abuse of power by the Public Security division.

Tanihara is aided by the extremely tall and slender hacker played by TAO who luckily doesn't possess the superhuman hacking powers of the guy from Bloody Monday. To compound the problem with the flimsy basis of the good friends are now mortal enemies story, we have the worst and most laughable excuse ever for adultery in the middle of episode 4 which just forced me to stop watching.

There are so many thing wrong with this show from the stilted dialogue to the need to explain every single emotion to the audience instead of showing it and some crappy looking action scenese. As bad is Chi no Wadachi is, its still not as bad as Kinkyuu Torishirabe Shitsu or the laughable Saigo no Keikan which says a lot of the quality of police jdoramas in general. After such a great 2003 from WOWOW, are we due for a horrible year from them?


Jung said...

Production credit for this show didn't look too promising, but I think 60% of the problem lies with absurd storylines of the original novel, including my favorite... "I'm going to make you spy on your wife cheating with another man to toughen you up...". :rolleyes:

I'll look forward to next work by Toshiyuki Mizutani, Kosuke Suzuki, and Youichi Maekawa.

dgundam said...

all i could think of while watching this show was wow, that lady from wolverine is finally making her drama debut.
and wow hurricanger blue nao nagasawa has a non-tokusatsu maintsream drama she is starring in.

Anonymous said...

How about another Wowowow Chi no Shio ? ,starring Matsuyuki Yasuko and Oizumi Yo . I want to hear your thoughts

Akiramike said...

Scared to watch Chi no Shio cause my Japanese is definitely not good enough for the subject matter of archeology but I'll give it a shot.