Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mozu season 1 Ep 1

Ep 1 is an ok set up episode. The whole thing can be summed up into two storylines that are connected but have parts that feel disconnected. First, we have Kuraki's (Nishijima Hidetoshi) story. He's the ace of the public security police, who's wife died in the explosion.

Kuraki is the troubled soul hard boiled detective and as the episode progresses we learn about his troubled past and the incident with his daughter and wife. My only complaint of the Kuraki story is I wish they had revealed the incident with flashbacks only and without explanation and let the viewers put 2 and 2 together instead of the heavy handed I just want to truth and then showing varies unsolved cases.

Supporting Kuraki in his story is Osugi (Kagawa teruyuki), the section 1 investigator who declares many times his hatred for the public security section. He and Densha end up as our exposition characters though I am very skeptical of this boogeyman Daruma storyline. The second Kuraki supporting character is of course, Akeboshi Miki (Maki Yoko) who is from section 2 of public securities and answers directly to Kita Yoshio and was at the scene of the blast.

The second main story is about the killer Shingai who loses his memory. I really don't like the way his eyes turn completely black in two scenes cause it implies that there are supernatural powers at work, especially combined with the Daruma story. Not sure the Shingai actor is the right guy for the role and it doesn't help that the people trying to kill him were overacting.

The one thing I didn't understand was what was Shometani Shota doing in the beginning of the episode. He was filming the results of the blast, dropped his camera as if he were going to save this girl who was saved by Maki Yoko and he was never seen again. Maybe he will resurface in ep 2?

Let's see what happens in episode two when the story should really get going. The preview at the end looks very exciting. I actually watched episode 1 twice because somehow it didn't occur to me that Japanese subs would be available since TBS is doing season 1. It was so much easier for me to understand with Japanese subs. Fingers crossed episode 2 is good.


Jung said...

This show turned out a lot better than I expected. I think they're straddling the right balance between revealing too much vs too little.

There are a lot of open questions at this point, and the story timeline is being unfolded in an engaging way that I'm looking forward to the next episode.

Once thing I know that will let me down is, when they reveal Athena Security's ambition. That will probably be silly and cheesy, but I hope I'm wrong.

Good point on the camera footage in the beginning. I have a feeling that he's the same guy you see a glimpse of in 11:10 hiding n the forest.

I purposely avoided watching the preview. Even without it, I can't wait for the next ep.

Akiramike said...

Forgot about the forest guy. There's so many ways for Mozu to fail so I'm trying to keep my expectations low.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for mentioning japanese subs. =))

Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
The dialogue moves a bit quickly in this show, so I am thankful for your synopsis.
So far, I am happy to give the story every benefit of the doubt because this dorama absolutely oozes style compared to the wretched $1.49 police doramas I've seen lately. It looks good and sounds even better. The action is moving along at a nice clip, avoiding the usual trap of J-thrillers that drag along too much. The actors are all showing up for work, too. Nice. The overall look reminds me of the (often imitated) first Infernal Affairs film.
It kind of blows my mind how many talented actors are working in J-dorama, and how often they are let down by the creative element producing the material they perform in. I hope Mozu will be an exception.

Anonymous said...

Rootabega again:
I've calmed down a little after a re-watch, and yeah, that Shungai character could safely be removed from the entire dorama to its betterment. And the "eager little helper" sidekick and goes with him. Apparently, she will act as the liaison between Shungai and the cops. Pffft...this will drag the cool quotient down several notches. Honestly, who goes for these types of chicks, over 70 oyaji who go to sleep every night clutching a copy of Confucius' Analects?
Oh, well, there's lots to choose from this season.