Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why Fukuda Saki is not getting a push.

Was going through Majide2ch, a nice blog that translates various stuff from 2ch and came across this post about Anne and Fukuda Saki. As mentioned many times, Oscar agency's huge push of Gouriki Ayame and Takei Emi is a blight on jdorama land and I couldn't understand why someone who has shown so much potential in Life and Daisuki 5 years ago is now relegated to supporting roles. If Oscar agency is so powerful as to shove those two talento who cannot act down the throat of the Japanese public, surely they can push Fukuda Saki who is so much better?

Turns out Fukuda Saki was apparently a diva during the shoot of Sakura no Sono, a movie that's been on my to watch queue for ages. Of course this all makes sense because Erika-sama is still popular and getting main roles despite her betsuni incident and reputation. The article says that its difficult to barter Fukuda Saki with other talents so its obvious that her only main role recently was in IS which was with the overpushed Gouriki from the same agency.

Article finishes by saying that Takei and Gouriki have been warned to be nice to everybody which reminds me of reading about how Fukada Kyoko is like super nice on set. Lesson of the day for Japanese talent, unless you are a johnny or have one of those faces that Japanese women worship, be nice to everyone.


dgundam said...

heh i was wondering if you have been to majide. its a nice site i discovered last year and its been fun reading all the articles taken from 2ch.

ya i havent rly seen her in a lead role in years. the only recent shows ive seen her in where in spec as a supporting role then they killed her off :P

also another drama i saw in 2012 was the takei emi drama w no higeki. for some reason thats the only drama of hers that i liked and coincidentally both gouriki and saki fukuda were also in the drama. so i guess you can call it a oscar production

Vasisualiy Lohankin said...

>about how Fukada Kyoko is like super nice on set

Yeah, Fukada Kroko is very smart.

Vasisualiy Lohankin said...


Kyoko - fix

Jesus Christ Supercop said...

"And with the movie becoming a huge flop, Anne's agency was extremely mad at how her movie debut was one that they would rather forget."

I recall it being a decent movie at the very least, certainly not something that needs to go down the memory hole. The score by Kenji Kawai is great too.

Antspace said...

Well. Although I enjoy reading Majide. It's hardly a reliable source. But gossip is nice sometimes : )

kondthol said...

@antspace: Agreed with you, majide mostly re-post what gossip tabloids do, it's hardly reliable. You'd better see the comments from the international netizen, sometimes it's better than that posted by the Japanese.

Gossips aside, if I were Fukuda, I'd switch to other agencies like Hirata Office or Humanite for the sake of the career and do a makeshift plan to plan to do Hollywood movies, sort of what Rinko Kikuchi did. She'll rot in Oscar if doesn't do so