Monday, February 17, 2014

Isharyou Bengoshi Ep 4

This is such a weird domestic violence (DV) episode. Husband gets abused by wife and what does the lawyer do? Send him back to get whacked by the wife so that they can get evidence of the abuse. I wonder what would happen if he send a wife back to her abusive husband? Imagine the wife coming back to the office with a bandage around her head and her lawyer going, "Good job! Now we have evidence!"

All good until the long suffering husband is about to win and we get some stupid excuse for all the violence about the wife being lonely and needing money to keep up with her new rich friends. I want to see a dorama where an abusive husband gets away with it in the end with such a flimsy excuse! Serious, WTF. This reminds me of something Sakamoto Yuji said near the end of his interview I am still translating about glorifying people who have done evil things.

I'll keep watching cause Japanese divorce law is so amusing but this episode was just fucked up. Somehow our expert lawyer doesn't think that a wife who can treat another human being that way doesn't have deeper issues. Why isn't the family association of Japan complaining about this show teaching people to get the most from a divorce?

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