Saturday, February 15, 2014

S -Saigo no Keikan- ep 1

Saigo no Keikan is a tokusatsu show masquerading as a cop dorama. There is not even an ounch of realism or excitement in this show. Contrived things happen so that certain characters can do and say certain things that are suppose to be cool to 6 year old boys and really aren't if the 6 year old thinks about it. Saigo no Keikan has got the kind of dumbed down dialogue and stereotypes to make it easily understandable for kids and I'm pretty sure the source material was a seinen manga. I want to make fun of this show but its just too easy. Run very far away from this and rewatch Gonzo, Rinjo and Gaiji Keisatsu.

Edit: The Ravine of Goodbye is available on the net with English subs!

My favourite movie from the Japanese Film Festival. Great story, acting with a raw and unflinching story. The Ravine of Goodby straddles the line between artsy and entertaining well. Don't go in expecting light entertainment. Highly recommended.


Antspace said...

Thanks! I will avoid this : )

Drama's with Mukai Osamu in it are impossible to watch for me anyway. He looks nice and all, but I can't stand his (lack of) acting : P

Was wavering here for a moment because of the secondary cast.

dgundam said...

heh i knew you wouldnt like it. its a show for mukai and ayano fangirls heh.

the show is too unrealistic. its fascinating how mukai keeps on getting jobs as an actor for his loooks cuz he is just a bad actor.

im still waiting for your wowow chi no hadachi review.

Sonnaaaaa~ said...

My Osamu Mukai meter has gone back down to tolerable, but this is too... predictable for me.

I kind of like Amami Yuki's new police drama but it's also predictable in a way, but maybe it works because she can act. :P

Akiramike said...

Nothing wrong with predictable or heightened reality. Its just things happen in this show that don't make sense.

Mrmz said...

looooooool I just KNEW that'd your reaction to that dorama :P I think its an easy watch for me but nothing deep, just because there's not much to watch this season!!
One dorama I'm liking this season it Nazo no Tenkousei, have you watched it? What do you think about it?

Anonymous said...

This show hits the right amount of cheese for me. Come on - punching a guy "through" the wall - who does that?! It's so ridiculous and there are parts where I don't know if I should cry or throw my laptop across the room because of how cringeworthy it is.

I also think Mukai's idealistic character is terrible, on par with Erika Toda's character from Liar Game. I like Ayano (though I don't like his character here). I like Odagiri. I'm gonna sit back and enjoy the terrible ride~