Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kinkyuu Torishirabe Shitsu ep 1

I found the fact that Amami Yuki's character was angry the hostage taker was shot when clearly the hostage who had run out from the bus was in danger. Yes, she could have possibly continued to talk him down but he could have easily killed Amami Yuki or worse, the hostage. Anyway, the first scene establishes we have our maverick investigator who does not follow the take out hostage taker  as soon as a clear shot is available and without endangering the hostages. (Which I assume is in the SIT handbook)

So turns out the gimmick of the this dorama is a special emergency interrogation team meaning I expect to see not your everyday jdorama interrogation scenes.

So Moriyama sensei is the baddie for this episode who turns himself in after setting his plan into motion. He plays a game with Amami Yuki and leaves her this 36F clue.

It turns out special interrogation team people also interview witnesses and search homes. Why not call this show generic police section-1 investigation show?

Amami Yuki surmises that 36F refers to Fahrenheit and the police finds the bomb at the morgue of the university where Moriyama works. Bad guy is smart enough to (I'm assuming) remove the mobile phones from the two police hostages but stashes them and the bomb at his workplace morgue? Fine, bad guys can be idiots too. Case closed right? His confession is on video, hostages are safe and bomb is being dismantled.

Nope. The writer realises that since this dorama is about this emergency interrogation room, he better write in a meaningless 'interrogation' where we find out about Moriyama's motive (instead of the cops just reading his case file) and Amami Yuki gets to cry and basically call Moriyama a bad boy. WTF is the point of all that besides the writer feeling to need to write some powerful scene for Amami Yuki but it just make sense in the context of the story? Where is the purpose of this emergency interrogation team as apposed to letting your regular investigation team who have been investigating a case do the interrogating? The stupidity and inconsistency in non-WOW and NHK police shows just continues to astound me. Watching crap like this just pisses me off. Now, more than ever, Japan needs a Ministry of Common Sense to prevent stuff like this from airing.


Anonymous said...

oh negotiators. it reminds me of the show standoff on fox which got cancelled after 1 season or in the middle of it lol. i remember it was interesting because you get to find out psychological strategy stuff the negotiators consider while they negotiate.

Antspace said...

Glad you found the right words for this drama. It's a typical case of give me this hour of my life back! The cast seems interesting, the acting is not bad, but the story is so contrived! Urgh!
Someone who hijacked a bus full of people would have been shot so much earlier. The whole 36th floor thing was so easy to see through...
Good cop, bad cop to get credibility. The love for his mother as the key to his redemption. How many cliches would you like to include in your story : P It was an insult to my intelligence, and I'm not that intelligent at all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your comments.
I was actually interested in this dorama because of the premise. But I found myself dissapointed with this dorama.
Looking forward for your comments about Inpei Sousa, Chi Wo Wadachi, and other shows if you watch them.

jt said...

do not watch this crap labels are piling.. shit is piling bro :(

Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
You are a brave man. This show looked like a weak retread of "Boss" so I gave it a pass. I have watched the the first couple of eps of "Inpei Sousa" and I quit because of the mediocre directing and production values. I call these $1.99 doramas, 'cause that's what they look like they were made for. The script might be better than I could make out so I will try again with subs. A shame because the main leads are quite decent.

Akiramike said...

Antspace, that final line is gold! lol

Antspace said...

Alas it's all true ; )