Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Jmovie review: R100

From Matsumoto Hitoshi, the writer and director of the awesome Scabbard Samurai comes the most 'WTF did I just watch' movie of the year, R100. Omori Nao (security guy from Link) is a mild mannered furniture and upholstery salesman who signs up for this one year S&M play with this club called bondage. Basically anytime and anywhere during the year Omori Nao will can be assaulted by any of the club's girls.

R100 is similar to Sono Sion's Why don't you Play in Hell in that its a self aware film that is trying to say certain things by breaking the fourth wall with one big exception; R100 is a very slow movie that is not even half as fun. I can see that Matsumoto Hitoshi purposely made it bland with the drab colours and lack of titillation despite the subject matter but whatever he was trying to say made it boring for me with pacing issues and a nonsensical story that that the censors in the film were happy to point out. The only good thing about R100 is that its made me appreciate Why don't you Play in Hell more which was a much better attempt at a self aware movie.

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