Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Tsumi to Batsu: A Falsified Romance ep 5+6

I first watched this series a year ago and the first few episodes blew my mind. The last two episodes I didn't really like but didn't write about it since I watched there were no subs and lots of dialogue was lost on me. Luckily, Unsolved Cases subbed the whole series and I could finally decide whether Tsumi to Batsu belongs among the top doramas of 2012.

The one subbed scene I was hoping would flip the switch for me was the prosecutor's talk with Miroku. Miroku has basically gotten away with murder. Someone has confessed to the crime and certain people in power want the matter swept under the rug. Yet, this idealistic and delusional writer Miroku is haunted by his crime. He is haunted becauses he discovers that he is not a predator like Sudou. That his ideas about justifiable murder are not true.

Frankly, Miroku is interesting when he is doing stuff out of his misplaced daddy issues. When he is wallowing in guilt not so much. Tsumi to Batsu is about Miroku's guilt and him seeking peace in the form of a life sentence. I just don't buy that talk with the persecutor in his room. Not sold that living with guilt is better than life imprisonment or a possible death penalty. Plus, who's going to guarantee his safety in prison from the yakuza?

The most interesting character is at the end is Echika. I finally understood the falsified romance part of the title. Echika is not a character who wallows in self pity but she embodies the term misery likes company. As Miroku says, her love is violent. Echika just wants to be needed by hopeless men and Miroku is even more hopeless than her husband.

There's always something interesting about two totally screwed up people getting together but alas, the last two episodes are about Miroku making peace with what he has done and making peace with himself. I can see Tsumi to Batsu is trying to do a psychological story about someone who believed he has done righteous murders realising his guilt but it just doesn't work for me. Miroku is only interesting for me when his resentment causes him to do stuff. Good try by WOWOW though. I'll take this over  any nonsensical police dorama any day.


Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated, but I wanted to recommend Goen Hunter. You'll think it is another Kekkon Shinai, but it turns out to be more realistic and serious. Worth watching just for comparison's sake!

Another one I'd recommend is Mierino Kashiwagi. I don't follow the AKB48 stuff, but still found the show unique and different.

Jung said...

^I think I recommended Mierino Kashiwagi... or maybe not. But I agree, that's a unique show. I almost lost it in ep 2/3 when the actor just started talking to the camera crew. lol