Sunday, June 09, 2013

Toranaide Kudasai!! Gravure Idol Ura Monogatari eps 1-3

Bframe has been talking about Toranaide Kudasai!! for a bit so I decided to check it out. Behind the scenes show with gravures? Can't think of a reason not to watch it and frankly, I'm disappointed I did not notice it sooner. Checked out the d-addicts torrents and no one is seeding them. :(

My only choice was to go down to my local DVD shop and get those chinese DVDs. The original price was $25 but they were doing a 3 for $30 special so I grabbed Tightrope no Onna and Taburakashi, too shows I have not seen that looked remotely interesting.

Bframe told me that at the back of his DVD box, it says this dorama was fiction and it really is. I know reality tv is scripted but Toranaide Kudasai!! doesn't even try to pass itself off as reality. Way too many shots where the lighting is better than cheap doramas cause you want to get the girls in their best light and sometimes with conversations, the camera goes back and forth from two viewpoints.

So Toranaide Kudasai!! is a dorama about the making of a documentary that doesn't even try to pretend to be a real documentary featuring real gravure idols playing themselves in situations that true to life. So far at the end of each episode, every girl gets to have their JCVD monologue moment. If you've not watched the movie JCVD, its this famous long monologue where Van Damme bares his soul to the audience in a monologue.

I really like Kawamura Yukie's monologue. I think she was pretty good at that part because a lot of it is true. This is unreality, the opposite of reality tv. Gravure idols playing fictional characters based on themselves you keep wondering how much is real but it looks more like a dorama than a documentary. I guess it just weird me out why they don't make it more realistic

I'm only three episodes in but the formula of one girl per episode will probably wear thin soon. It will be very hard to do interesting individual stories for all the girls. I like the connectivity between the stories with girls running into each other.

I was really happy when the back of the DVD box said it had Japanese subs. Then I realised the Japanese subtitles aren't even correct. They sort of correspond with what is being said on the screen but are not accurate. Its as if auto translated the Chinese subs into Japanese!


Jesus Christ Supercop said...

"I grabbed Tightrope no Onna and Taburakashi, too shows I have not seen that looked remotely interesting."

I watched about half of Taburakashi without subs. It's a weird show because the early episodes are all about putting Tanimura into sexy clothes and uncomfortable situations (which I was not a fan of), but then it just suddenly drops all that and turns into a regular drama. Since I essentially didn't understand any of the dialogue, it was little more than an opportunity to see Tanimura in various (normal) outfits.

Akiramike said...

I tried Taburakashi. Its just bad.

Jesus Christ Supercop said...

I'll take your word for it (well, it was often obvious even without subs that it wasn't going to win any awards for its script).