Monday, June 24, 2013

DOCTORS Saikyo no Meii SP

Sawamura Ikki is back as Sagara. I really love the first season because it takes your generic jdorama hospital stories and adds some brains to it. Good things don't happen just because Sagara is good and naive. Things happen because Sagara knows how to push people's buttons for his own interests. Things happen because our main character makes it happen, not because good things happen to good people.

Of course the magic of DOCTORS is not complete without the character defective Moriyama sensei. What started out as just another useless colleague who is angry at our hero is the perfect foil and partner for Sagara. Sometimes overacting can be a great performance.

It is just me or do a lot of the eyes in this show look like they've been operated on?

Its not we haven't seen people manipulation doramas before. Shows like Hammer Session are stunt based and rely on people realising the 'goodness' in their hearts. In DOCTORS, Saga uses Moriyama's pride and other people's insecurities to get the desired results. I doubt Sagara will ever go full Machiavellian but to me, its such a breath of fresh air.

Anyways, the same characters return for the dorama SP with Moriyama sensei coming back from a 3 month stint in Texas. The villain for this SP is Sengoku sensei, the leader of the group that Moriyama left in episode one. Sengoku who is up for re-election at his University Hospital wants to destroy Dougami hospital. I really wanted to see this type of story in Iryu. Sengoku actually does the same type of 'relocations' that Noguchi sensei did in Iryu.

The other story is a patient from Sengoku's hospital who has lost hope of living and is depressed. Nothing much to see here. Its your typical sweet hospital story. Interesting to note everyone tells her to live for her son but say nothing about the invisible husband. Lol. Can't blame the writer since being a widower with a kid is probably a great pick up story.

Its fun watching Sagara appeal to Moriyama's pride and the running joke of the SP is Moriyama being too proud to kneel before Sengoku. A character who sticks to his guns whether for good or bad is always interesting.

She dressed up to tell the rich lawyer this load of crap?

Another thing I liked abour the script was inferring that Sagara's plan was not contingent on Sengoku losing the election. Sagara did not do much to plausibly claim he had a strong chance of effect the elections and part of his persuasive reasoning was that Sengoku would have a hard time if the operation is successful. The only part of his plan Sagara was counting on was the operation succeeding.

I am kind of surprised they wasted this villain and story for the dorama SP. They could have easily stretched it to one whole season. I was looking for whether its the same writer but no confirmation from Fukuda Yasushi's Japanese wiki. So the evil big hospital trying to destroy our heroes is out for the second season. What other ways can Sagara improve Dougami hospital by manipulating people? I await the second season with cautious optimism as long as its the same writer. Must watch SP and I highly recommend the first season.

Yeah right. Probably cause her eyes are so big the veins look like they could pop.


Anonymous said...

That screencaps, Dr Moriyama in Texas. >.<. I can feel laughter coming based on that.

According to tv asahi site, it's still Fukuda that will be responsible for the script. Let's see how well he did for the second season. I anticipated it as much.

Anonymous said...

I actually pass the scenes with the nurse in them because she CANnot, for the life of her, act. I think even
Miura Harumi is surpassing her...and that is saying something.

Thank GOD the other casts do a natural and decent job.

I think they could've easily made season one go to 10 eps at least. It was too short!

Akiramike said...

I normally hate when jdorama characters come back from overseas and they pretend to speak English but in Moriyama's case, the obnoxious way he does it fits him very well.

The nurse doesn't detract from the series and she is given the generic storylines anyway.

Too short is better than too long. (eg. Saigo Kara)

Anonymous said...

I’m sorry, but I can’t find this episode online anywhere. Where did you find the first special? Is there a torrent I can grab?

I know it’s not Engsub; that’s okay. I’d just like to have even the raw.

Thank you so much!

Akiramike said...

Anon: You can get the torrent here

I doubt its being seeded anymore.