Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mierino Kashiwagi eps 1+2

Took a look at Mierino Kashiwagi cause Jung recommended it. Its about 3 people who work at a cafe and help people to break up. First of, I really like the look of this dorama. Its more realistic, people talk normally and its got a subdued sense of humour. The good thing about 30 minute doramas is that there is usually no fat. It has to introduce characters and tell a story efficiently.

Just when things where looking up, Kashiwagi gets a phone call and meets up with Kyabakura 48 producer Akimoto for some boring fourth-wall breaking talk. All of a sudden Mierino Kashiwagi is pointing out that its existence is to pimp this kyabajo, I mean idoru. Everything else about the dorama is interesting.

The Akimoto hogging the screen part I cannot stand. His talks with Kashiwagi are sort of related to the story but I hate how they try to relate the relationship stories to this 'junsui' idoru. This is a dorama that's stuck between telling interesting stories and serving an idoru. Only for fans.

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Jung said...

I dropped after ep 3. Sorry :-x

Still recommend it because it's a different kind of drama. Also, visually it's quite striking. Make sure you download it in 720p.