Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Yuusha Yoshihiko to Akuryou no Kagi 4-6

Wanted to write a short review of this spoof series basically saying that there are funny parts it felt a bit repetitive  especially with no main story this time around. While taking screencaps I realised that there are too many funny bits for me to gloss over in a few paragraphs so prepare for screencap spam!

EPISODE 4 : Horror movie spoof (pretty funny)

Fun episode. Its also when I started too think they be running out of RPG stuff to make fun off.

The best comedic moments are between Yoshihiko and Murasaki...

.. when the righteous Yoshihiko succumbs to human frailty yet still acts like a hero.

EPISODE 5 : Kinpachi sensei spoof. (funny)

If you've watched Kinpachi sensei before, this is hilarious.

EPISODE 6 : Tournament Episode (meh)

At this point it was obvious that there's no main story and its just going to be spoofing whatever. Not that Maou no Shiro had a great story but it felt more cohesive with most of the jokes about RPGs and in this episode its Crows Zero and Dragonball..... and pubic hair. Had some laughs but this episode felt tired.

Danjo saying stupid stuff with an exaggerated serious face never fails to make me laugh.

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