Monday, January 07, 2013

Yuusha Yoshihiko to Akuryou no Kagi 7-11

EPISODE 7 Yoshihiko joins the dark side.

Yoshihiko and gang meet their doppelgangers who are actually better than them. Very funny episode with Yoshihiko joining the look alikes. Most important of all, its something that isn't a rehash from season 1.

Oh yes, nothing is funnier than a Yoshihiko putdown on Murasaki. His honesty is a a great source of comedy.


EPISODE 8 Yoshihiko loves hitozumas.

The musical episode. Sort of a repeat of the one in season 1. Still equally as fun with another great Yoshihiko and Murasaki argument. I just love how he keeps repeating hitozuma over and over.

Danjo's facial expressions are gold!

Poor Murasaki, lol.

I really hate the erase Yoshihiko's mind plot device. Its lazy and its more fun for Yoshihiko to remember what he did. After all, he is a simple and pure minded hero, pretty easy to write a stupid argument to set him back on the right path.

EPISODE 9 (meh)

Basically a collection of encounters and killer hamster joke that as gone stale. The encounters should have replaced some of the more boring ones. Waste of an episode and they should have gotten their armour from the previous ep.

EPISODE 10 Beach Boys spoof. Not bad.

Can't remember anything from Beach Boys except wondering what the big deal was. Its the 2nd last episode and its not even building up to the end.

Once again the Yoshihiko mind wipe is used. Boring. Let him remember so the others' can tease him about it, ffs!

Yoshihiko and gang encounter a bunch of dodgy looking pirates.

EPISODE 11 Final battle for the sake of having one. Meh.

Like the first season, they really spent money on the last one. Unfortunately, plot-wise it feels like an after thought.


Too many repeating jokes that don't even have a new twist on them. They obviously had a lot of fun doing this but half the time it feels like I've seen this before. This series is still watchable comedic gold, just that it feels a bit stale at times.


cavallino2005 said...

Hey there! Apa khabar? A long time lurker here. Just wanted to say お疲れさま for your reviews thus far. Looking forward to the Hamsapsukebe awards for 2012!

Akiramike said...

Khabar baik. The awards won't be done until I've tried to watch Makete Katsu which I can't find Japanese subs for. :(