Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nemureru Mori Jukujo eps 1-5

Nemureru Mori Jukujo is a surprisingly fun dorama about a jukujo going through a divorce and the young and rich hotel manager, nicknamed the prince who comes from one of those shojou manga aristocratic like family complete with butler. For one thing, it rises above mediocre jukujo fantasies by exploring the characters instead of making them cutboard cutouts.

The premise of Nemureru Mori Jukujo is that the hotel prince was forced to offer the jukujo a job in his hotel when encountering the drunken jukujo one night at the hotel bar as to save face. However, our jukujo is unable to remember said event and her employment benefactor wishes to stay anonymous. So we have basically the jukujo writing letters to her mysterious benefactor the prince who responds to her as well.

Now the prince while acting all perfect like is actually ill tempered and calculating. Our jukujo stumbles upon this fact and our prince is able to act like himself in front of her while they continue to trade letters. Hhmm, sounds more like a shoujo manga than a dorama aimed at hitozumas. That's probably what makes it different.

So far, the first five episodes have been an interesting. The acting is so so and some of the dialogue can be very straightfoward like a shoujo way but it never hammers point across more than necessary. How good this dorama can be depends on what happens in the second half when things get into more familiar territory. So far, very watchable. Only the first episode has been hardsubbed so far but the simplicity of the dialogue makes it easy to watch.


C said...

The first episode has been subbed?! I was so desperate to watch this that I watched it raw. and even though could only just understand what was happening, I loved it. the characters are lovely- I especially loved seto koji here. His character was wonderfully developed, and I appreciated how proffesional he was at work. it felt realistic. I am so glad this show is being subbed.

Akiramike said...

If you're really desperate you could probably run the Japanese subs through auto translate.