Monday, January 28, 2013

Osozaki no Himawari eps 1-6

Osozaki no Himawari is Ushi ni Negai without cows dealing with early life crisis problems of 30 year olds with love triangles that overlap and two affairs.Its got your Japanese rural problems that we're all familiar with and 30 year olds trying to find their place in life.

Its got lots of issues to cover, a decent ensemble cast and I will never tire of Maki Yoko's tsundere act. The producers have really put a lot of effort into this and the countryside just looks absolute breathtaking. The ey candy is pretty good though and I would certainly move out there for those ladies.

However, this feels like a ticking the box dorama. The feeling of I've seen all this before and the characters have all sorts of backstories to be revealed but I don't feel the urge to know. I feel indifferent to the characters. I like Ikuta Toma's triangle with the yandere Maki Yoko and Kuudere Kashii Yuu though and its produced a lot of fun stuff in between lots of boring bits.

There's just something missing for me, like the character never become more than their problems. I think the youthful trendy dorama with 7 characters with problems meets country issues is too much to pack into this show that non of the stories get the attention they deserve and often feel derivative.

Its not a bad dorama and I even gave it 6 episodes waiting for it to turn the corner but I'm just so indifferent about it. There are a lot better doramas to spend your time on.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick read. How do you find the actors and their acting? Were they given less than they could handle? Hows the actor kenta kiritina?

Sonnaaaaa~ said...

I thought it was all right actually, but nothing nearing my top 10 or 20. I liked seeing Toma-chan in a leading role like this and the setting was really interesting.

ricecakestrong said...

the background really reminds me of Utahime, particularly the very narrow bridge over Shimanto River

Akiramike said...

Can't complain about the acting. Its a dorama I can't complain about nor can I praise it.

Kiritani Kenta does his usual supporting character acting.

tchoden said...

i loved the context of the drama.... it has a lot of social relevance. BTW that prof. character sleeping with his students in the name of literature got into my nerves... i was like 'what the hell'. Was not satisfied with the punch they gave him.... he should have had his ass kicked.

Loved seeing Toma taking the lead role. I am sick of him paying the supporting role and not getting the girl (my reason for leaving honey and clover halfway)