Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tsugunai ep 1

Something unrelated first, was out all night in the city and I brought my 3DS and turned on wifi for streetpass, ie if someone with a 3DS is close by you'll exchange miis. Should have done this stuff when I was in Japan 6 months ago. I'm currently playing Bravely Default and one of the interesting features of the game is that people playing the same game can become villagers in your game and you can use them as summons as well.

Chances of that happening are remote since I wasn't going to Yodobashi Akiba but I managed to get three streetpass miis and they were all in Japanese. No one was playing Bravely Default but it warms my heart that there are other Japanese 3DS playing people in Melbourne. No idea whether I can streetpass with Australian 3DSs.

Anyways, to the main topic at hand which is my much anticipated Tsugunai. Tanihara Shosuke plays a homeless doctor, Hidaka with a dark past. I'd wager my life he does a much better job than Kimutaku in playing homeless. A lot of the first episode is setting up his past as well as Hidaka encountering a series of murders.

There's a bit of a soap opera angle with him running until a woman who looks like his dead wife but the main thing is setting up his situation and his connection with the murders. Don't want to spoil anything cause its best to watch it with no knowledge but there are some interesting themes going around here.

Can't call it must watch yet cause ep 1 is pure set up. It does it well but nothing that comes close to Tsumi to Batsu or Shokuzai's ep 1. I'd rather it start slow and finish strong than the opposite. Fingers crossed ep 2 is good and I really hope furransu uploads ep 2 cause he says he'll only continue uploading if someone subs. This is a solid first episode and be be a pretty good series.

This is supposed to be Tanihara Shosuke's first dorama lead role so congrates to him. He definitely deserves it over those johnnys that plague jdorama land. Managed to get most of the dialogue with the help of Japanese subtitles though some of the investigation talk was lost on me. Too lazy to stop line by line and go through the kanji dictionary. If you've got basic Japanese and love more realistic WOWOW-like stuff, you can't go wrong with Tsugunai.

Edit: stupid recent comments widget is broken. I've added the most popular posts widget and the results are interesting. I've redownloaded Jyouou Virgin 3 so I might do an episode by episode screenshots galore with summary in the future lol. Anyone know where to get the Japanese subs?

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