Sunday, November 18, 2012

Going My Home ep 5

Currently waiting and hoping that Tsugunai gets uploaded.Ep 5 is when going my home is starting to click for me. We finally get a picture of what the story is about, name regret with the whole Kuna will allow you to talk to the dead thing. We get Abe Hiroshi gearing up to do the Kuna hunt thing for his father and conversations start to be more about the past and regrets.

Abe's character arc is different though, he is still the useless supervisor who doesn't know how to do anything but only how to survive. Looks like Koreeda is building up to the Kiseki moment, where everyone will find their answers doing an event in the end. I hope and don't think its the Kuna thing. I think Kunas appearing in Abe's dreams is much more interesting and can be a fun tool to say more about his character. Still not must watch but we're up to the halfway mark and things are looking promising.

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