Tuesday, November 06, 2012

10 things to do when d-addicts is down

1. Press F5 repeatedly while shouting ganbare!

2. Cyberstalk Ruroshin and keep asking him when it will be back up.

3. Go to France to study to be a patisserie and find out why Japanese doramas always use it as a plot device.

4. Shave off facial hair and try to enrol in a Japanese high school so you can skip class and hang out on the roofs.

5. Hang around train stations waiting for cute dojikko girl to fall over and drop her pass.

6. Work late night jobs in front of constructions directing traffic or for girls working in a kyabakura.

7. Anytime it rains/snows look up and say ame/yuki da!

8. Go to the beach and shout umi da!

9. Call someone you hate and tell them you want to meet up asap to tell them something important so that they will get hit by a car/motorcycle.

10.  Keep crossing roads in the hope that time will pause for a bit when you cross paths with a cute girl so you can stalk her and claim all encounters are guuzen.

Keiko1981 has updates on d-addicts site status.


lzyData said...

furransu has created a backup site here for new torrents. We are saved!

Btw, there is a special for Saigo Kara Nibanme no Koi.

sensei991 said...

Funny stuff! I can think of at least one dorama for most of the items. Keep up the good work!

Sonnaaaaa~ said...

:@IzyData There's a special for Saigo Kara. WHAT? WHEN? WOW.

I haven't used d-addicts since I left the US (can't torrent) but it sucks that it's down. Please come back soon, d-addicts.

Anonymous said...

Haha, number 10 sounds like something I would do.

Anonymous said...

"Cyberstalk Ruroshin and keep asking him when it will be back up."

You forgot Moerkj, the co-admin. :p

Anonymous said...

d-addicts is back into life again

lzyData said...

>> d-addicts is back into life again