Monday, November 12, 2012

Going My Home eps 2-4

And the very slow burn continues. I enjoy every minute this dorama but I wish storyline-wise I would have something to look forward to or get excited about. Its a Koreeda dorama so I might as well enjoy his knack for making delicious small picture situations such as the banter between mom and daughter. Very Nojima Shinji like except not as fast.

I'm hoping Going My Home does a Shikaotoko where ever it slowly builds up over 6 episodes and everything goes apeshit for the second half but its probably going to end up being the best example of a fun dorama to watch where nothing really happens.


The slog continues. It hasn't been too bad actually. I've got a ryushare account and found many ryushare links, especially movies. Plus a lot of this year's doramas not so good so I'm not redownloading them. My 2TB jdorama backup is nearly full. I have to either get rid of old stuff that I won't watch again or get a 3TB or use two 2TB hdds as backup.

After the flooding in Thailand that made the price of hdds shoot up, looks like its finally going down. You can get a 3TB for aud$150. There's a Seagate portable one that comes with software to make it recognisable by XP. Yes, I'm still running XP.

With the newer doramas, I don't keep what I won't rewatch but with the older ones, there's a feeling of wanting to keep them just because they are old and rare. I've also noticed that I have missing eps in my backup hdd cause of dead DVDs and I never got around to fixing that. I got some crc errors when copying some movies from my 1TB movie backup hdd. Looks like I'm going to have get another hd and back it up before it goes. The thing about the digital age is that paper lasts longer than cds, dvds and hard disks.


k.i.T.z said...

considered cloud storage like Amazon S3 for your shows? at least it's more reliable than buying hard disks yourself and hoping they don't die.

Shane said...

This drama is the best I have seen in a long time. Yes the plot is slow to develop, but if I wanted plot I could look just about anywhere. What this program does is unique; the relaxing atmosphere, believable and likable characters, plus brilliant acting. The little girl is particularly interesting, I thought she would annoy me at first but she's actually really adorable. And wouldn't you just love a wife like the main character has? What a MILF too. The whole Kuna thing adds a mysterious charm to the whole thing which I love. Can't wait for the rest of the series!

Akiramike said...

KitZ-once the rollout of fibre optic in Australia is finished rolling out, it would be worth a look.

Shane: Have you seen Koreeda's movies? All the things you described is pretty much his trademark including lack of conflict. Not that I don't enjoy his movies but a 2 hour movie is different from a 10 episode series.