Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kodoku no Gurume ep 3+4

OMFG, I want to eat this wasabi karubi.  Very rare karubi with wasabi. Can't imagine how it tastes like. Tempted to go random yakiniku and just ask for wasabi.

Does this guy have the best job in jdorama or what? No acting required.

I enjoyed ep 4 cause it had more story instead of just Goro walking around and thinking 'hareheta....'. That was what made Shinya Shokudo fun and what keeps Kodoku no Gurume from being a glorified food variety program. The story doesn't have to say a lot and in this episode you've got one old friend who used to be very against public displays of affection and now he's married to a Brazilian milf and has a cute daughter.

Plus there's the daughter asking Goro why her dad is such a spineless person. Simple character stuff, no need to explore too deep like Shinya Shokudo and the brevity is what makes it good.

Just some excess screencaps I feel compelled to use...

For those interested, her name is Kamada Fuuko. She kinda reminds me of Asuka Io.

There's a tiny part of me that feels like an erooyaji...

..but I can't help liking beautiful things.

Was there food in ep 4? Oh yeah, mouth watering picanha. Never had Brazilian food before but fark, my stomach is rumbling right now. Hope to see more stories and less food. Less is more.


Jung said...

There's something not quite enjoyable about this season, and first I thought it was the longer format. Then I thought it was the focus on desserts and sweets.

But the main reason is because there just doesn't seem to be enough interesting macro camera work. Did they fire the director?

Remember that solo-BBQ place episode last season where the director made it look like they placed the camera INSIDE the tiny gas burner grill? And all the glistening, juicy, watery meat being cooked in full HD glory.

What happened to this season?!

Jung said...

omg watch episode 2 of Hana no Zubora Meshi. That show is made for you Mike. hahahaha I love it.

Akiramike said...

Jung: will do. :)