Friday, September 14, 2012

Tokkan ep 7

Ep 7 is Tokkan at its best. First of all, not stupid moral lesson that the writer felt had to be spelled out to the audience. I have nothing against moral lessons but the reason why parables are so good for dispensing moral advice is that they don't spell things out. The listener has to actually do some thinking.

Back to why ep 7 is so good, is that it concentrates on the concept of the movie which is uncovering evidence on tax cheats and using all other elements to make it fun. I really like Inoue Mao's character, Guu-chan because everyone plays off her well. From the stern Tokkan to the proud Nanbu and the secretive Ikari-san. When Suzumiya is not this righteous moral compass but rather an unassuming character who can bring out the good and bad in people as well create some funny moments, she is fun to watch.

Someone get me the address of this place.

Example would be Guu-chan's run in with Nanbu. It furthers the investigation, highlights the differences between them, provides some humour and also shows why they are friends despite their differences. Really enjoyed the main story of the perfect Ikari-san and the truth is finally revealed. Fingers crossed there's not too much preaching in the next episode.

Probably the only show this season I am going to watch to the end. There are bits I don't like but episode 7 is the perfect example of what this series can be. You know how investigation jdoramas always have redundant characters? Every character in Tokkan has a purpose and the team chemistry really works. Plus ep 7 is the funniest one yet. Can Tokkan finish strong? Fingers crossed but I am not keeping my hopes up. Must watch episode of a watchable series so far.

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