Saturday, September 22, 2012

Furuhata Ninzaburo ep 12

Great ending to the only consistently great jdorama that I've watched this year. Furuhata going up against a veteran cop is very entertaining not just because its a fun cat and mouse game versus a killer who knows how to hide his crime but because the hardened school police officer is such a contrast to Furuhata's character.

The macho, hard boiled detective vs Furuhata's more intellectual, less violent approach. Great example of showing and not telling the audience; working in exploration of Furuhata's character through the story. Imaizumi also gets his chance to speak out about his bullying over 12 episodes and his reaction to the suspect is in great contrast to Furuhata's.

Its a damn shame that the no. of downloads for Furuhata Ninzaburo subs has been decreasing from 422 for the first episode to 174 for ep 11. Loss of 200 viewers! I can't imagine anyone not finding this series very entertaining. A must watch dorama from the so called golden age of jdoramas. 

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