Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Dragon seinendan eps 1+2

Last year, we had Yuusha Yoshihiko, a really funny love letter to Japanese RPGs that spoofed the whole genre and made fun of many RPG conventions. This year, we have Dragon seinendan, yet another love budget love letter to RPGs but instead of making fun of RPG conventions, it sets the story in the modern age and uses the conventions in the real world.

When I say real world, I don't mean nitty gritty, just that its set in the modern era. So instead of our heroes getting a quest from the king, they get it from the the head of the youth group. Instead of killing monsters, its participating in a social activity which leads them to uncovering a map in the unlikeliest of places. The fun is watching the characters do RPG like stuff in an everyday setting.

Dragon seinendan is fun. Its not going to make you laugh 10 times per episode like Yuusha Yoshihiko but its amusing. Plus its got Renbutsu Misako. :) Not going to declare it must watch until at least the half way point and see how they are going to keep it interesting and get around its budget limitations. Since its not a spoof, they can't just throw around a stuffed koala and pretend its an evil creature attacking. Dragon seinendan is recommended for people who love their RPGs and those looking for an amusing jdorama.

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