Friday, September 07, 2012

Heaven Cannot Wait

Looking for something to watch after Rich Man turned into Magma and Iki mo Dekinai Natsu had no idea what it wanted to be about? Heaven Cannot Wait was one of my first jdoramas and the DVD rip is currently being subbed by Avallac'h. Looking at the cast does set off alarm bells. It takes a special type of awful acting ability to overact to the point of stupidity like Matsuoka Masahiro did in Yasuko to Kenji. Coincidentally, his band mate from TOKIO Nagase Tomoya also set a new low for awful overacting in Mukodono 2003. Not to mention Mr Overacting and beady eyes himself Jinnai Takanori.

I must have seen it over 12 years ago but I remember the dorama fondly. Haven't had time to really sit down and see if it still holds up. Got too much to watch and play and not to mention kanji to study. I did skim the first episode and its still like I remember it. The reason that I remember Heaven Cannot Wait so fondly is hopefully not because I was new to jdoramas but because it it has a good concept and it was executed well.

One day, sunglasses wearing Angel pops in front of young lad Shiro and tell him that he will die that day unless the completes a certain task which involves helping somone. Yup, basic plot is down on his luck, average guy has to complete 10 tasks or he will die. The fun part is figuring out how he should have died in each episode and how helping someone will save him. I remember being impressed by the funny situations the writer came out with.

On the acting department, at least it has the two guys from GTO and my memory says the two leads were pretty funny. So I am going to declare Heaven Cannot Wait a light heated must watch comedy with the caveat that I might have been more easily impressed by jdoramas when I first saw it. I've seen a lot of doramas and I've got old doramas that I don't even remember anything about except the name like Suiyobi no Joji so there must be a good reason I can remember this vividly. Give it a go, I'm going to help seed for a while but will have to get rid of it on my bt com as its taking so much space.

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