Friday, September 28, 2012

Scandal - Pin Heel Surfer

The latest Scandal single is Pin Heel Surfer. Fun catchy song with lots of dancing. It kinda fits the song but Scandal is an actual band, not a miming dancing girl group that can't actually sing. cough AKB cough. I don't watch the Scandal PVs cause they are antithesis of the fact they are a rock band. A colleague caught a PV on Australian TV and asked me whether they were an actual band.

Its as if being an actual band is not enough. In order to appeal to the stupid masses, their PVs can't be just a five minute video of them playing a song. It has to be dressed up with moves or have a budget of a 5 minute dorama episode. Just found out that Scandal are going to Malaysia in December as can be seen in the video below which is from their recent free live at Yoyogi Park. I'd rather go watch them in Japan though.

Can't complain about the OL uniforms and tight skirts though.....

Confirmation that Tomomi has the best ass in Scandal and Haruna the worst.

Update: Scandal in crisis clip with English subs.

Narrated by Toda Erika who is friends with Haruna! You can find the rest of the doco on youtube. My other favourite singer is Ohyama Yurika and Toda Erika has appeared in her PV too. Seems like Toda Erika has a strong influence on music that I like. :)

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