Monday, February 13, 2012

Suzuki sensei ep 7

Got back from work and guess what? Suzuki sensei ep 7 sub is out! This dorama is too bloody good to be true. In the Japanese dorama industry filled with idoru doramas trying to push the next singer with no acting talent, finding such a well written and acted dorama is like finding water in the desert.

I just love how Suzuki sensei keeps surprising me with what he says. When we last left our characters in ep 6, they were interrupted by Ashiko sensei. I was shouting at Suzuki to tell her to get the fuck out of there until she said some interesting things. I like that she's more than just a busybody teacher. Best part was the students indirectly telling her to piss off.

What follows is one of the most riveting, cool and funny discussions about sex, virginity, expectations and selfishness. I cannot think of a dorama that manages to speak to the audience, entertain and at the same time provide a lot of laughs. The students arrive at some sort of understanding but unlike your generic doramas like Kare, Otoko, Tomodachi there is a strong build up, there is danger and there are very well written thought provoking lines with the acknowledgment that it is merely a small step.

Poor Kana and her oujisama no yume.

Not since Jyoou no Kyoushitsu have we seen such a collection of great acting talent. The best thing about Hasegawa Hiroki's acting is that I believe Suzuki sensei absolutely believes what he is saying, unlike his acting in Mita. The same can be said for Ono Karin who plays Kawabe. Kawabe is real. Some hack overpushed hack like Horikita Maki doesn't even have half of her acting talent.

It was an awesome speech but I was just laughing at the double meaning.

Here's some more thought provoking stuff from episode 7: if you deal with students by the book and problems arise, you won't get in trouble. Suzuki's is afraid that his methods will make him an easy scapegoat when things go awry. Its true of any job. Do it by the book so you can always explain your actions and you won't get into trouble. Put filenotes on the system or clear it with your team leader. However, is there a be all and end all book about dealing with students?

Most of episode 7 deals with Suzuki sensei's origin story. What made him create this plan about model students, why Ogawa is so important to him and what the fuck his plan actually is. This part of the story is on par with episode 1 of Shozukai. I'm talking really heavy, great movie quality scenes. Its such a sad story and I wanted to look away because I knew the outcome yet I am enthralled because I can almost feel Maruyama Yasuko's pain because I can see it in her eyes.

Its just bloody beautiful. The scene where Maruyama is carrying the bucket, she looks out towards Hiroka who's skipping her duty and the two share a look of something. The scene is repeated three times and the third time Suzuki finally puts words into the look and the moment. Ok it was actually shown twice but it was part of the cleaning scene which is shown three times with three different voice overs. Its just an absolute triumph of writing and directing; show a situation three times while giving the audience a different take each time.

Another example is the above two pictures. Same scene but featuring different narrators. The first with Maruyama resigning herself to her fate. The second Suzuki sensei not realising that in encouraging her, he made Maruyama think there was no other way for her act except to fulfill other people's expectations and not live for herself.

Its just beautiful stuff. And the scene where Asami finally tells Maruyama's soul? in Suzuki's place that she could go home. Clearly Asami has powers but it has yet to be explained. Do I care? Not as long as this series keeps giving me godlike episodes like this. And the end where Suzuki tells Takechi he understands his feelings is so funny because its true. Whatever happens in the next three episodes, this is on of the best episodes ever, on par with Soredemo Ikite Yuku's episode 8. Just too perfect to be true. If you know anyone who watches this stuff, pimp Suzuki sensei like its the greatest thing on Japanese tv.


Isokon said...

It's been years since I regularly watched jdrama and I no longer have the time (or the nerves) to "trial-and-error" through all the crap that is aired.
So, I have to thank you for writing these well thought out reviews that seem reflect what I look for in jdrama.
I probably would have never picked up either DOCTORS or Suzuki Sensei if not for your reviews on (not the genres I usually am interested in) and while I enjoyed the first despite it flaws, Suzuki Sensei has just blown me away. I haven't been hooked to a show like this since Kekkon Dekinai Otoko.
I will probably watch episodes 8 to 10 even before there are subtitles available (my japanese should be sufficient) but I look forward to reading your thoughts on them.

Sorry for the long post. ;)

Akiramike said...

I'm happy I've managed to get someone to check out Suzuki sensei. Way too many crappy doramas getting attention at d-addicts.

Anonymous said...

you should check out god tongue. I was looking at the fantasy scene screencap for suzuki-sensei that you put up and it reminded me of god tongue.

It would be good for your japanese and it's funny and ero lol.
I personally really enjoyed this episode

Akiramike said...

OMG Nanaumi Nana and Sambomaster?! Good to see she's doing well post JAV.