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Revised HamsapSukebe jdorama awards for 2005-2007

Edit:  Thanks to JT for reminding me about Hagetaka. I knew there were some doramas that weren't in the fansub wiki that I forgot.

Doing the 2010 awards, I wrote about how I needed to wait for Gold to finish subbing because there was a chance it could have made it into my must watch list. Since I started this blog, there have been many jdoramas that were subbed after a show was completed or that I had missed or did not think would be interesting. So here I have the 2005-2007 revised list with 5 doramas per year and a notable dorama list below that.


1) Tiger and Dragon

Extremely smart writing and I didn't mind Nagase Tomoya's overacting  and Ito Misaki's impression of a wooden chair. The writer, Kudo Kankuro also wrote Manhattan Love Story, Ping Pong and Zebraman.

2) Dragon Zakura

Put any other actor besides Abe Hiroshi in this and it doesn't work.

3) Joou no Kyoushitsu

Great writing and great acting by kids on par with Suzuki sensei. The director Iwamoto Hitoshi went on to direct Galcir, Saito-san and OL Nippon.

4) H2

Awesome adaptation of the classic Adachi manga. Great casting and it captured the melancholic feel of the source material.

5) Densha Otoko

Truly a lightning in the bottle dorama where the two main actors who can't act were cast perfectly. I would say the great supporting actors. Shiraishi Miho and Sakurai-san really kept the show from being bogged down by Densha's constant whining and crying.

Notable 2005 shows - Tadano Hitoshi 2, Aikurushii, Attack no.1, Koi ni Ochitara. Ganbatte Ikimashoi.


1) Kekkon Dekinai Otoko

One of the greatest jdoramas ever. Should be on everyone's top ten list.

2) Iryu

Who knew exaggerated surgery could be this much fun to watch? If I start watching an episode now, I'm never going to stop. Probably the greatest soundtrack ever.

3) Gal Circle

Who would have thought that a jdorama about a Japanese cowboy and gyarus dancing para para could be so funny? No idea why I never mentioned Galcir in my award post.

4) Boku no Aruku Michi

The only SMAP guy who can act and I remember the directing was very good.

5) Nodame

I only did a top three in my original post so Galcir and Nodame are my picks to make it five.Very well done shoujo manga adaptation.

Notable 2006 jdoramas: Bengoshi no Kuzu, Shimokita Sundays, Byakuyakou, Attention Please


1) Utahime

Actually can't remember much about Utahime except the ending lol. However it was no.1 on the original list.

2) Iryu 2

Even better than the first one. At its heart, Iryu is a gather a bunch of underdogs into a team dorama.

3) Konshu Tsuma ga Uwaki Shimasu

Really funny dorama on affairs that is unlike any other.


I have no idea how I left Life/Raifu off the list. Saki Fukuda was awesome as the evil bitch and Kitano Kie had so much potential. So unfortunately I had to bump Kare Naru and Liar Game out of the top 5.

5) Hagetaka

Awesome dorama about foreign funds buying up Japanese companies in trouble and then selling them for profit. Great acting, clever script with two protagonists on opposite sides who are good at their jobs. Check out my reviews here and here. Suffice to say, Hagetaka is very, very good.

Other must watch shows - Tadano Hitoshi 3, Karei Naru Ichizoku, Liar Game, Hataraki man, Sexy Voice & Robo, Watashitachi no Kyokasho. One can easily argue that the first four on the list deserve to be in the top 5.

 This post has gotten pretty long so I'll save 2008 and 2009 for later.


maiku said...

Great lists. Natsukashii. I remember being blown away by Densha back then, particularly the fast paced 2ch scenes with all the otaku. I couldn't believe they made watching people posting to a message board so addictive. Up until then I think I'd only seen Shota no Sushi and a few eps of Asunaro Hakusho. Densha really opened my eyes to newer jdramas. Nodame too.

I'd put Nobuta on my 2005 list. Johnny's vehicle aside, I thought the writing was excellent.

Boku no Aruku Michi was good. I remember SMAP guy on a bike and Karina in a zookeeper's uniform.

Must go check out H2 and Utahime.

Jesus Christ Supercop said...

I didn't watch Dragon Zakura to the end, and I remember being very bothered by the ping pong thing (or whatever it was) they did with mathematics. It's impossible to solve problems that quickly unless you're very talented or have spent years rigorously studying. Might as well have made the teacher a fairy played by Kyoko Fukada who waves her magic wand to turn the students into geniuses.

Joou no Kyoushitsu was decent until the sponsors pulled out and the script was revised, i.e. completely pussified. I thought the teacher was too much of a psychopath to be plausible, but she shouldn't have been turned into a secretly nice person. I also remember thinking that the story was dishonest and sending mixed messages, but it's been years since I watched it. The acting was very good, though.

Kekkon Dekinai Otoko is one of the few dramas I've watched twice, and it probably was the best one in 2006. If I had to recommend a drama to somebody who's never seen any, KDO would be it.

My favorite from 2007 is Mop Girl (particularly the surprisingly serious and pessimistic fourth episode), though I don't think I saw many dramas for that year. I watch relatively few dramas in general, so I would never even try to make rankings like this.

keiko1981 said...

I liked Joou no Kyoushitsu's SP a bit more than the actual drama.
A drama I would have added to 2006/2007 is Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi mini series as well as Byakuyakou (2006).
I wasn't such a big fan of Iryu, I only liked ep 8 of the first season.
I really liked LIFE (RAIFU) as well, it deserved to be there. :)
Boku no Aruku Michi, Nodame and many others you list haven't I watched yet.

Sonnaaaaa~ said...

Boku no Aruku Michi was probably one of the first dramas to blow me away after the Queen's Classroom. The color of the sky during the entire drama was just so beautiful, I couldn't stop watching.

Dragon Zakura is a drama I like to re-watch every now and then, same with Kekkon Dekinai -- I rewatch it every summer when it gets really hot!

Densha was another great classic. LIFE was great too. I haven't actually finished Watashitachi no because... well I just haven't. It was the last drama I downloaded before I left the US too.

Seems like lately I haven't seen many dramas that have blown me away like some of the earlier ones. Not too many where I've actually thought "Ahhh! Where are the subs? When is the next episode out?"

14 sai no haha is on my list for 2006 because Shida Mirai made it work but I think you didn't like that one...

Anonymous said...

i remember that Hagetaka was televised by NHK in 2007.

As i typed Tiger and Dragon, i cant stop laughing at it.

i watched that smap guy from Ninkyo Helper and that guy can act.

i agree with KDO. definitely a classic.

i watched most of the shows on ur list and most of them were basically dropped. not because they are bad, i think i had a hard time to grasp jdramas at that time. maybe i'll watch those shows on the list again. if time permits me.

Alexander said...

Thanks so much for the post. Great read!! Really looking forward to read more. Want more.