Friday, February 24, 2012

Bunshin ep 1

What is better than Nagasawa Masami in a Wowow dorama? Two Masami's in one dorama! Bunshin is the story about Mariko (Masami) a student studying child care who as a child always wondered why she looked like neither of her parents. There was always a distance between Mariko and her mother, as if her mother didn't love her.

An unfortunate incident happened causing Mariko to live in with her uncle. One day on tv, a girl who looks exactly like Mariko appears and the mystery deepens. The lookalike not only alarms her father but a politician as well. Mariko finds some of her mother's belongings which raises more questions for her.

Way to early to rate Bunshin cause this is all about the final reveal. One would think the truth would be pretty obvious but the presence of the politician means that the truth may not be so simple. I'm not going to think too much about what is going to happen and hopefully Bunshin will surprise me. I'm writing this mostly to celebrate another Wowow show getting subbed.

Is that Asami from Suzuki sensei?

Big thanks to Vulcan 300 fansubs for picking up Bunshin. I like that Wowow doramas don't adhere to the usual 10-12 episodes rule. Doramas should be whatever episodes are necessary to tell the story and no more than that.


Anonymous said...

Very promising show. This is probably my first Nagasawa Masami dorama and i have to say she is pretty but will she be able to nail the double role is the question.

Anonymous said...

thats bunshin, not bushin

Akiramike said...

Anon, thanks for correction.

Antspace said...

Didn't like ep 2 much somehow. Felt like Masami chan couldn't carry the role. Things have really picked up in ep 3 though. I liked her better as well : )

Anonymous said...

Always been a Nagasawa Masami fan so I watch this drama even though I thought it might be disappointing plot-wise (split at birth?? overdone). After ep3 I was so disappointed with where they were going but episode 4 was amazing and dark and chilling and so welcome!!! Looking forward to the last episode.

And I've got to say I'm relieved Masami-chan has chosen a good project after her seemingly-long hiatus from dramas (but in fact just really un-noteworthy dramas?)

Anonymous said...

I love your jdorama reviews but can I just effect a push in the direction of your considering a new color for the background? Please something light: white would work well.