Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hamsapsukebe jdorama awards 2010

I know its already 2012 but I just had to wait until the subbing of Gold was completed to do the 2010 awards and it has been a long wait. Kinda regretted I did the 2009 awards without watching Soratobu Taiya, Untouchable and of course Gaiji Keisatsu. Maybe I should go back and redo the awards. 2011 awards will be forthcoming after the subbing of Suzuki sensei is completed or my Japanese improves so drastically that I can understand most of the dialogue for the last 3 episodes. Problem is of course that its been a long time since I watched the 2010 doramas and my memory is a bit hazy. So without further ado, let get doing.


I can't believe they fucked up the sequel award: Tie between Iryuu 3 and Jin 2.

I can't believe its not been fansubbed award: Rinjo 2. See here.

I can't believe he/she can act award: Ijyuuin in Tetsu no Hone

Ijyuuin always plays the same boring nice polite guy in boring doramas until he finally got a well written role and showed us that he could actually act.

I can't believe I finished watching this crap dorama award: Hammer Session

Hammer Session is a horrible show but omfg whoever the wardrobe designer is who created such tight and short uniforms is a genius. See pictures here and here.


Yabe Kenzo - Plenty of laughs

Gold - Nojima Shinji can makes the contrived entertaining. Too bad the kids were miscast. I couldn't buy into the Saotome family stuff but the banter and Amami Yuki's lines were awesome.

Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo - Concept is better than execution but still fun to watch.

Magerarenai Onna - I remember it was fun but fizzled out at the end.

Atami no Sousakan - Weird dorama with inconclusive ending.

Juui Dolittle - I was expecting it to suck and it turned out decent.

Tetsu no Hone - Interesting concept about bid rigging and worth it to see Ijyuuin act.

Shukumei 1969-2010 - Please make a sequel.

Keizoku 2: Spec - Good show until the final boss.

Moteki - Got a bit slow and repetitive at the end but still very entertaining.

Pandora 2: Better than the first one but not that good. Someone please sub 3!

Chase - Could have been so good if not for last episode.Hhmm, seems to be a running theme.



The first three episodes are the most incredible mystery/thriller episodes you'll ever see. Slows down a lot during the last two but that's because the pacing for the first 3 was so good. Overall still an incredible must watch show.


Another excellent dorama with great acting that sort of faded a bit at the end. Great acting though and featured Ashida Mana before she began appearing everywhere in Japanese media.


Get the HK Engrish subbed dvds cause this is police procedure dorama done right. Can't wait for the Rinjo movie coming out this year!


Truly epic dorama with great cast except for Koyuki. Can't believe it averaged only 11% ratings. Doramas like this don't come along every year.


Sonnaaaaa~ said...

Watchable/Good dramas:

GOLD -- Can't seem to find this for DDL (yet) so I need to hunt down the rest of the eps. However, I loved this show. I absolutely loved Amami Yuki in this. It was like a Japanese Cosby Show.

Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo -- Thought it was OK. I have the book in Japanese.

Magerarenai Onna -- liked this but didn't see the whole thing.

Moteki -- fine but ending fizzled for me. Must've been different in the manga...?

Mother -- saw ep 1, seemed well acted and lovely but couldn't get past the concept of the show, far too much for me

Haven't seen the others but will have a look.

Hammer Session was a waste of time. I signed on because of Shida Mirai and didn't make it past the second episode (with fast forwarding). So disappointed.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the list. good year though. now i miss it.. maybe do a rewatch again.

Ijyuuin looks like mistushima hikari.

about Mother, i think any jdrama fanboy might have a problem surviving it. because i struggled to finish episode 8-10.

Anonymous said...

thx so much. your blog is so fun to read. I'll definitely check out marks no yama. our drama tastes seem similar so hopefully it'll work out lol. well actually one drama that you liked that I hated was actualy in this post which is MOTHER.
I found it really slow and boring and melodramatic and quiet (like not enough dialogue). But for the most part I think we're similar in the jdrama taste.