Monday, February 20, 2012

Risou no Musuko eps 1+2


- Its a Nojima Shinji dorama so expect great dialogue regardless of how contrived things may seem.

- Suzuki Kyoka. I would watch almost anything with her in it.

- The concept of the story is interesting. A mom who pins all her hopes and dreams on her son with a  mother complex as they both try to manipulate each other. Watching this, I just thing Mita would have been better if Nojima Shinji had written it.


- This is basically a idoru pushing dorama. It got really obvious when the son transferred to the bad school and you get a lot of bishounen trying to act tough. cough. Gokusen cough.

- A lot of fujoshi fanservice. If you like that kind of thing, this is the show for you.

- I just realised that I must have deleted Risou no Musuko straight after watching.


- The son who wears more makeup than the mom.


Anonymous said...

everything seems below average, until the appearance of that fucking koala. haha.. i think this is for younger viewers. i mean really young ones. with sagara sensei and kyoka suzuki, it's tempting to watch but everything just turned upside down after episode 1.

Phoebe said...

Last sentence cracks me up. Thanks for the morning pick me up.

Sonnaaaaa~ said...

I lol'd.

I'm watching this mostly due to great dialog. I don't find it boring even though the subject interests me. It's like reading a very well written, easy to understand book on a very boring topic.