Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Soredemo Ikite Yuku ep 8

I didn't want to write about Soredemo until the subbing was completed by I am compelled to to put my thoughts on this magnificent series onto paper after watching episode 8. I had just come back from work with my take away dinner and decided to watch ep 8 out of my gigantic backlog of doramas/movies/anime and then suddenly I was just transfixed onto the screen.

More than transfixed, I was pulled in. As if I were a fly on a wall peering into the lives of the unfortunate families. I could feel the air thick with so much tension and emotion that I had to step out for a cigarette mid way through the episode.

There's no point writing about the story because episode 8 puts you right in the confrontations and the mental anguishes that the characters experience. Futaba's father in a daze thinking not again. Why did I survive 15 years only for the same shit to happen again? You really felt for the poor father who had stayed strong all this while for the family, daring to have a faint glimmer of hope that one day they would be able to live a peaceful life and put the events of the past behind them.

Aki's mom finally getting her confrontation with Futaba's brother and what a bloody (figuratively) explosion of emotion that was and not an ounce of overacting in sight. I loved it when she said "You can kill me but I won't die cause I'll only die after you are dead!" The best way to describe Soredemo Ikite Yuku is that it makes you feel. Minimal music, raw emotion on display and I almost feel like I'm seeing something that I should not.

The fact that Soredemo can't even reach 10% ratings is a crime against art. So bloody tempted to finish the series without subs. Not to know how it ends but because the characters' emotions linger on. Do not miss this.


Antspace said...

Thanks for your comments on Soredemo 8. I think this series is getting better by the ep.
I had actually watched ep 8 already, with horrible google translate subs. I still was terribly impressed. I watched ep 9 in the same way, but decided to wait for Yuizaki Libras' subs now. I just don't want to lose the many details. Waiting's really hard though. Especially since Ep 9 is even better than this one!

Anonymous said...

that slap really hits that serial killer hard. as much as you hate the killer, you feel bad for the pain the actor suffers.

this one is really intense in terms of emotions. really good. i was speechless after the episode.

Jesus Christ Supercop said...

I recently picked this up because I was curious to see more of Mitsushima (after Love Exposure), and I haven't been disappointed.

Minimal use of music is indeed one of the more noticeable things about the show, and even the theme song is very subdued. Usually dramas hit you over the head with loud music to inform you that you're witnessing an Emotional Moment (and perhaps to wake you up if you've fallen asleep). The usual hokey effects that most dramas have as a substitute for substance are used little if at all. The emphasis seems to be on letting actors do their jobs. I don't know how the show slipped through the cracks and managed to avoid being like a typical drama; perhaps the producer didn't know any better because he hasn't done a drama before.

The casting was obviously not done through a popularity contest. Everyone is very good, especially Mitsushima. Sakura Ando looked really familiar and it was only when I looked her up that I remembered she was in Love Exposure too. Too bad she probably won't share any scenes with Mitsushima.

The only thing that has bothered me about the show is that the conversations between Hiroki and Futaba are often... very strange. I don't know if it's deliberate or what. Also, nobody has made a Futabaka joke yet.

maiku said...

This series is brilliant, thanks for recommending it! So tempting to finish without the subs, but I may take a break and visit Chase or Mother instead.

It's interesting to watch this shift from heavy drama to suspense. I hope the writer can maintain this while staying respectful of the earlier episodes. I've seen far too many jdramas blow it at the end.

I'm still trying to figure out what's going on with the Tokyo chick. She felt just a little too conveniently placed and helpful. I'm waiting for her ulterior motive to surface, like she turns out to be a reporter or lawyer. I'm glad they didn't turn this into a lame courtroom drama about victim compensation.

It's good to see Mitsushima Hikari in such a complex role. After Moteki and Tsuki no Koibito it felt like she was falling into a cute, innocent typecast.

lzyData said...

Eita and Mitsushima and everyone is great, of course, but Ootake Shinobu is just stunning. When she is grieving for her daughter and in those tense moments with Fumiya in ep8, it's like she poured all her energy and soul into the role.

Hiroki and Futaba's strange conversations: like the time in the boat in the lake where they were saying that, in that peaceful setting away from everything, they can almost believe they are normal/ordinary (futsu), just a man and a woman. They know how the other feels but they are always trying to deny it because of what happened.