Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How can I be so blind!

While looking up calenders to buy for next year, came across the calender for Kurashina Kana. Nothing much to look at but there was something about her name that bothered me.

So did a search and what do you know, she's Satsuki from Soredemo Ikite yuku! However, that can't possibly be why the name rung a bell for me. Looked up google images and there was something oddly familiar. Can it be?

Yes, she's the girl on this Choya advertisement which greeted me everytime I took a train in Japan. I would pay $40 for the above picture in my room. I am ashamed that I was unable to link the smiling face that I saw everyday in Japan to the Tokyo girl in Soredemo who's purpose in the dorama is still unclear. In penance, maybe I should get her calender, though the cover looks pretty bad. Kurashina Kana looks infinitely better with a smile rather than a blank stare.


Anonymous said...

she looks like mihiru with boobs. haha.. i already downloaded gravure vids.

still wondering why that dude in soredemo dumped her

maiku said...

I gave in and watched the last 3 episodes last night. (Having the Japanese subs and rikaichan helped.) Opinions on the ending will vary but the series definitely maintained its intensity throughout.

Jung said...

jt: haha cause he's a loser! abandoning a rich girl who's practically throwing herself to him, for a kabe onna with emotional problems! what fool!

good show. One of those shows that you have to pay attention to everything.

KINGRPG said...

I am very interested in this drama, she played it well.

Anonymous said...

Isn't she Saki from Erin Ga Chosen - Nihongo dekimasu