Thursday, September 15, 2011

Piece Vote 1-4

I was hoping Piece Vote would turn out to be an awesome midnight dorama like Liar Game and The Quiz Show season 1, two awesome shows that Piece Vote is similar to. The main character is the younger brother of a successful internet guy who was recently killed. He and a group of other people were drugged and ended up on a ship to participate in an unknown game. The purpose of this game is to make each of the participants confess their sins which they are being watched by people on nico nico.

First thing that really bugs me is why the fuck did they have to listen to that overacting host played  by Jinnai Takanori. They could have easily overpowered him and taken over the ship, especially in the beginning. Even when he had a gun, it wasn't like he was holding it in his hand and he was close enough to be taken down before he could pull the gun out from his pocket.

There's like bloody 7 of them and they have all been drugged and imprisoned and the idiots decide to listen to this lone guy's orders instead of bloody attacking him when he's walking in their midst and making idle threats on their lives. Maybe there's something in that equation that is supposed to make me care about this story. Now if the 'host' where giving orders with a gun in hand standing where he can't be reached, then it would make more sense for them to listen to him.

Secondly, the rules of the games are changed/ignored a lot which defeats the whole purpose of these type of doramas. There is nothing for the characters to solve. The only hook of the story is that it seems all the characters on the ship have some connection with the murder.

Let's not forget the super overacting in this non-comedy and a lot of time wasting monologues, even for a 20 minute dorama. Its pretty obvious that the writer(s) has an interesting conclusion but has no bloody idea how to get there. Even the revelations can be head scratching dumb. (Probably to fit the ending) Avoid.

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