Monday, September 12, 2011

Jmovie review: Gantz Perfect Answer

The second part of the Gantz movies is here! The first movie ended with Kato and the not so big breasted Kei having died and Kurono vowing to revive them. The movie then takes a huge deviation from the manga with Aisha, the model who graced the posters in the first movie in possession of a small Gantz which is sending her on missions to kill people.

Yoshitaka Yuriko is so adorable I forgive them for not casting a loli Tae.

Aisha's story however makes sense and pays off very well during this awesome action sequence in a subway train. Once again, I need to tip my hat off to the writers for maximising the budget. We don't get to see the missions during the early parts of the movie but they obviously saved everything for the train fight where we get the Gantz people vs aliens using swords and guns.

My only complaint is that the katanas seem more like the rubbery swords used in wuxia movies but chalk that up to limited budget. There is this really cool sequence where Kurono gets knocked out of the train that just had me really pumped up. I really like the 3 on 1 fight sequence where for the first time, 3 people actually rushed the 1 at the same time. I'm sick of watching when people attack someone who is outnumbered one on one so I was pretty please with that.

My favourite fight in the movie.

I have mixed feeling about the ending. Action wise, I found the ending battles not as awesome as the train scene especially the retarded shoot out at the end. I think the last boss needed to show his true form and after the giant boss battles in the first movie and the train scene, the big fight was weak in comparison. The conclusion was pretty interesting and is something that I've never considered before though it wouldn't work in the manga now.

For what Perfect Answer is, a decently sized sci fi action movie, it does its job pretty well considering that 99% of big budget CG fest Japanese movies all end up being souless movies that relies on CG too hard. Just for the best Japanese CG action fest and not stuffing it up like 20th Century Boys movies, I would like to consider the Gantz movies must watch with a caveat of effects that are not as polished and your typical Japanese philosophical questions like why do you fight.

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