Thursday, September 08, 2011

Ai kotoba wa yuki eps 1-3

Managed to find auto subs for Hagetaka the movie and decided to see what WithS2 are up to and to my surprise, they've subbed yet another jdorama, Ai kotoba wa yuki! Talk about a stellar cast! Its got Yakusha Koji (Shall we dansu) and Suzuki Kyoka! Yakusho Koji plays Akatsuki Nitaro actor who is way past his glory days and yet still acts as if the world owes him a living.He can only get roles as a corpse or monster, his mistress is cheating on him and his wife wants a divorce but he is still rude to everyone and thinks only of himself. In short, he is our asshole main character in dire need of redemption.

Yup, that's Goro from Kita no Kuni Kara!

Tadashi (Katagori Shingo) is in Tokyo on a mission, to find a lawyer to defend his village from the evil polluters. Every lawyer Tadashi has seen has refused to help because the case is hopeless and the polluters have a legendary lawyer on their side. One night, Tadashi sees Akatsuki doing his best Gregory Peck impression from To Kill a Mockingbird and hatches a plan to hire Akatsuki to pretend to be a lawyer and tell the villagers that it is not worth going to court.

Goro speechless seeing ganguro for the first time.

Akatsuki, having reach the lowest point of his professional career is now enjoying all the attention that the villages shower upon him in their mistaken belief that he is here to save them. His selfish, nonchalant attitude is in danger of being exposed but in important moments in front of the villagers, his acting skills save the day.

First off, this is a mistaken identity dorama, a genre I don't particularly like because its so formulaic. Akatsuki is going to struggle, he's going to slowly change and do well before his true identity is found out and then we get the happy ending. Normally I would avoid these shows but Yakusho Koji's performance as Akatsuki is awesome.

What happens when simple country guy meets gaijin women for the first time.

Yakusho Koji gets to play him as the whining, primadonna actor as well as when he puts on his lawyer face. Akatsuki has to be funny, compelling and even when he's at his worst, amusing. I can only think of 4 other Japanese actors who could have played this role today. Shingo does OK as the audience's POV and Suzuki Kyoka is so far just window dressing.

I am skeptical about how good this show can be because they'll have to find some interesting ways for this actor playing a lawyer to successfully defend this village of country hicks for the next 9 episodes. Add to the fact that I don't find mistaken identity doramas appealing means I have little hope. Still, I shall give this dorama a fair go because Yakusho Koji is awesome, Suzuki Kyoka is easy on the eyes and they don't make doramas like this anymore. I would like to declare Ai kotoba wa yuki must watch but I can't until I have seen how the writers can keep things interesting in later episodes. However, if you're a fan of old school doramas like me, this is definitely worth checking out.

You can find the raws at Project Restoration and the subs at With S2.


Jung said...

what a cast... I may give it a go. Thanks sticking your hand into a pile of turd to try to find something watchable for us.

I took a plunge with two WOWOW doramas this season. Well, just one of them. Human Insect dorama... with that mixed girl and Arata... is turning out to be a bit of a joke after 2 eps.

As for Shitamachi Rocket, hrmm... this one looks like it has too much cheese in it... you know, like triumph through perseverance. I'll let you know in case it turns out to be good.

Thank god for soredemo and donquixote

maiku said...

This sounds great, thanks for the recommendation. I've become a fan of the writer, Mitani Koki. Ousama no Restaurant was damn funny (raredoramas has it) and everyone says Furahata Ninzaburo is a classic. His movies have this quirky 1940s throwback quality that makes you wonder why they're not shot in B&W.

Cargian said...

Mistaken identity only covers the first few episodes, then it's Mitani at his best. I wouldn't worry too much, it's a must-see drama.

Anonymous said...

Anarchist is alive huh. i immediately download stuff if it comes from the Anarchist itself.


Akiramike said...

I'm pretty sure I've seen Ohsama no Restaurant but I can't really remember much about it.

Cargian, thanks for the heads up about the rest of the series. I was worried mistaken identity wouldn't last 11 episodes.