Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sailor Fuku to Kikanju ep 2

This was my most anticipated series of the season for the following reasons:

1. Cute actress who can act - Nagsawa Masami

2. Good actor who can carry a show - Tsusumi Shinichi

3. Crazy concept that only the Japanese can pull off - high school girl becomes yakuza boss

Yes, I know what your thinking. Why didn't I go to high school in Japan?

Ep 1 was all right. Ep has me feeling very pessemistic about this show. Main problem is how they handled the main concept. Its a far fetched and fanciful idea. There's no logic to it. So there are only two ways to handle it. One is to make it a comedy. Think Mukodono/My Boss My Hero. Make the henchmen dumber and make Hoshi Izumi become the brains of Medaka gumi and slowly she reliases that she has the talent for yazuka work.

The problem with the show now its that there's barely any humour and they're trying to play it straight. Because of the tone of the show, introducing a joshi kosei as your kumicho looks damn fucking stupid. Instead of making me laugh, some scenes just make me cringe.

The other way to do the show would be to make it very dark and gritty. Make Hoshi Izumi hell bent on getting revenge for her father and every episode she does things even her father would never approve of. Think a better version of Byaku Yakou. And as the show progresses, she'll have to ask herself; is all this worth the revenge?

And I got so excited for nothing........

Right now, the show is not working. Hoshi Izumi is boring and useless. And ffs, they should have made her at least strip to her bra. What's with all that teasing? The non-strip is the ultimate letdown. I don't care that we had 1 second female nudity. We want Nagasawa Masami not some unknown jav actresses.

And the whole father-heroin thing is stupid. Did Sakuma mean her father was smuggling heroin? Producing? 3rd party distributor? Quality tester? Makes the packaging? Or just plain junkie?

40 years old and still hot. I like her potrayal the mysterious Mayumi in the show.

Actually watched ep 2 raw last week and the subs hardly improved the show. The only intruiging thing is Koizumi Kyoko who claims to have been her father's lover. Still, I'll probably watch it to the end just to see Hoshi Izumi go off and finally kill people.


joeboygo said...

My interest in this show suddenly reached high tide when I read of rumours that Masami-chan may be actively concealing a pair of mighty f-cups 'neath the seira fuku. Aye captain, you read it right, she is said to be deliberately understating her gross displacement, much like the Imperial Navy and its proud battleships of yore. Somebody please tell her the old treaty limits no longer apply and that she's free to unleash those naval guns anytime. Give us a broadside and full steam ahead!

Akiramike said...

F cup? I don't think she's that well endowed. And its 3 months past talk like a pirate day. Not that there's anything wrong with it. Though I'd like to to drop me anchor in her lagoon. :)

joeboygo said...

Here's the url for the article:

Really man, you need to drop by the old forums once in a while so you don't miss out on these tidbits.

Akiramike said...

Thanks for the link! F cup and likes dirty jokes? hhhmmmm