Monday, December 18, 2006

Bengoshi no Kuzu 9-12

Episode 9

Best one of the last 4 eps. Stories about human stubborness are fun because its a quirk something that everyone has. Mizuki trying to set up Kuzu with Tetsuko sensei is just what this show needs. They need to leave in the possibility that she's doing it to get Takeda to act. Sadly, the writers quickly killed it. :(

If this is prison life then I've got lotsa crimes to commit!

Episode 10

The self defence bit was interesting but the legal stuff is confusing. Don't they fucking have hearsay in Japanese courts.?!

Strategically placed cleavage. Guess what's Kuzu doing?

Episode 11

Another show about human stubborness and it just feels like a retread. The episode is saved by Sugimoto Aya's ample assets. Fellow sukebes will remember her as Enoki Tsuyako from Shimokita Glory Days. Kuzu lecturing in the end sucks. He's become like the Kinpachi sensei of bengoshis. However, the tease at the end about what the last episode could be left me excited.

Episode 12

Meh. The series goes out with a whimper.

There are only 2 reasons Hoshino Aki is on the show. Can you guess what they are?


The good: Kuzu is an interesting character as long as he isn't potrayed as a straight out good guy. He needs to be the shades of grey character. Lots of bijin guest stars.

The bad: No long running plot threads int the background. Poorly written legal 'conundrums'.

The ugly: The fat hostess is not funny. Inconsistent and pedestrian writing. Someone needs to watch American legal shows.

Kuzu: Sigh, despite the good acting by me, this show lacks good writers. We need to fire all the writers for season 2 and get Akiramike to write it.


Anonymous said...

Hey, did u see "with love" with the guy from "Kazoku"? It's a pretty good drama. I dunno if u like it though...more of a romance. I liked it, and we usually have similar taste.


Akiramike said...

With love? Isn't that a Takenouchi Yutaka show? God, that was one real slow show. Or were you talking about Aoi Tori? Now that was a classic show!

Jung said...

I think he was talking about Yutaka... Haha I think "With love" was the first jdorama I watched. I thought it was awesome. It had that air of sophistication, the whole email thing was relatively new back then, Norika Fujiwara looked hot, and that was my first peak into the Tokyo life in detail. Everything was novelty for me.

But about a year ago, I rewatched it first couple of eps, and oh man, what a mistake that was. Zzzz... cheese... some things are better left as memory. LOL

Kami sama mou sukoshi dake is another one I shouldn't have rehashed... I liked Fukada back then despite her forced-crying with lip-pouting (and her fat legs), but the second time I watched, I had to stop because her acting was just getting on my nerve. LOL

Anonymous said...

Yup, "With Love" with "Takenouchi Yutaka". I just saw it last week and I really liked it. Yeah, cheezy in many aspects, but I really liked it.

Hopefully somebody will post more Takenouchi Yutaka dramas. Hope u can post it on your site if you find them.


Akiramike said...

jung: I think how one rates jdoramas depends on how many you've watched. However it must be said that its by watching the crap shows that one appreciates the decent ones. Used to like Fukada Kyoko before I actually watched SOS. Her acting is just so fake, almost as bad as Ito Misaki's.

I would have to say Takenouchi Yukata's best show as a lead is Merry Christmas in Summer. Nakatani Miki was so adorable in that one....

Jung said...

"I think how one rates jdoramas depends on how many you've watched. However it must be said that its by watching the crap shows that one appreciates the decent ones."

I totally agree. I don't know how many series I've watched... maybe you and I should come up with our own list some time. lol But I'm sure it's well over a hundred, probably a lot more if I count crap dramas I stopped watching midway.

I might also add that 'when' the drama was made also plays an important factor. I had heard many good things about Aoi Tori which was made about 10 years ago. So I finally watched it recently, but it was rather disappointing. Same thing with Long Vacation and Love Generation. Sure my expectation was a bit high for LV and Aoi Tori, but not for Love Gen. It still kind of sucked. I guess people's taste change fast.

Haha anyway, I agree with you on Benoshi no Kuzu 9-12. It just fizzled. I still loved the main cast though. They were a fun bunch.