Sunday, December 31, 2006

Boku no Aruku Michi ep 11

Without a doubt the best show of the season. Slow at times, but everything builds to nice little moments. I wasn't crazy bout the show but I had a lack of interest in other doramas while waiting for the subs for the final episodes. (the lack of quality shows this season may have something to do with that as well) And this show proves that the Japanese should stay far away from fatal disease shows and sticl to shows about disabled ppl.

I love that Teruaki's brother is given more attention for the last episode. For me, his point of view is the most interesting of all the family members and I just wished they could have done one episode from his eyes. Its sucks that his wife suddenly became the model housewife though. A leopard does not change its spots.

Basically, I wished they could do more with all the other characters. The strength of this show is that the characters gain depth through their interactions with Teruaki and to me its more about the journeys that they go through rather than Teruaki's. And Teruaki's sis needs more screentime dammit.

Miyako-chan is hot. I blame my parents for my lack of a bijin osamanajimi. I just find her subdued acting somehow works very well with the tone of the show. There's a lot of repitition and routines but when things change a little, it speaks volumes. I'd love to see how she acts in other shows.

And the ending is excellent. Its got the KDO just another beginning feel but the conversation between Miyako and Megumi sorta gives a prediction of the future. Its a damn shame that not many people are watching this compared to crap like Tatta Hitotsu no Koi so if you're onlly watching one show this season make it Boku no Auruku Michi.


joeboygo said...

Kinda OT, but I have to agree with you that Tatta Hitotsu is biggest steaming cowpie to come out of the ass-end of the cliche factory in recent times. I just couldn't bash it anywhere else because I didn't want to offend the zombie fangirls that love to wallow in this sort of suckage. Did you know they cut this travesty short by an episode due to its abysmal ratings? After two embarrassing bombs in a row, I hope this is the last we'll see girly-boy Kame for a long while. Since when did his kind of effeminate prancer become leading man material in Japan? Every time I see him I wanna give him a wedgie, and the only consolation I have is that from the looks of things, I can probably kick his ass any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

There, I feel better now (breathes deeply). Thank you.

Akiramike said...

They cut it short? That's some good news. I'm glad the fact that lots of fangirls are screaming about the show does not indicate its ratings in Japan.

Kame is an affront to men everywhere. And no way he can pass off as a welder/labourer with his sissy looks.

Anonymous said...

teruaki's onee-chan is cute. miyako-chan is hot. erika toda is sizzling.

Akiramike said...

I think you meant Teruaki's imouto, not oneechan.

Jung said...

lmao @ "effeminate prancer" comment.

Haha maybe fan girls are not watching because.... there are no hot guys in this show?!?! And maybe... you and I'd be a tad (just a tad) fanatic about this show if it weren't for like... 3 hot women in this show? LOL j/k

Anyway yeah this is a great show. My favorite out of all 3 Boku series.

This season overall wasn't so bad overall. Honestly, if a season has one really good show like this, I'm satisfied.

Akiramike said...

There's a difference between perving, oops I mean watching and raving. :)