Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bengoshi no Kuzu ep 8

Kuzu trying to flash poor Mizuki, lol.

The only reason that I'm not really crazy over this show is that the legal storylines are weak. Its more a show about solving real life issues than legal problems. Nevertheless, I had fun watching ep 8. I like the fact that Mizuki-chan has a story parallel to Kuzu case. She makes a much better sidekick than the incredibly boring Takeda san.

Unfortunately Hoshino Aki doesn't shoow off her cleavage this ep :(

Its just fun watching Kuzu encouraging Mizuki to cheat on tests and how he awkwardly tries to play father. Like tha part where he's shouting into Mrs Nezu's intercom. What he's telling Mrs Nezu is exactly what he wants to tell Mizuki but can't. Plus we get Kato sensei is starting to play mom to Kuzu's dad. Too bad they've seem to drop the whole Takeda-Kato storyline. Some triangle jealousy will make Takeda much more interesting.

Kuzu: coolest dad in the world.

Maybe have Kuzu be nonchalant about it and Mizuki trying to pull Kato sensei to Kuzu's side and Takeda having to resort to evil tactics. This show needs 1 or 2 background subplots cause right now the episodes are kinda hit and miss and having some continuing story makes it more worthwhile to watch.

Someone should get the Ishida sisters on the same dorama.

2nd best thing about this ep is Ishida Hikari and OMFG, she hasn't aged much since I last saw her in Asunaro Hakusho (1993) Its been 13 years and she still looks the same. The Ishida sisters must have a fountain of youth at home or something. In Asunaro, she's the girl next door and now she's the bjin hitozuma next door. :)

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