Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mitsuya Yoko - Siesta

Haven't downloaded gravures in ages but couldn't stop myself when I saw Mitsuya Yoko. Yes, the girl from ep 9 of KDO and ep 2 of Bengoshi no Kuzu. Maybe I'm just suffering from KDO withdrawal and am just jumping at anything that has any connection with the series. This is no different from the thousands of gravure vids out there. Plenty of standing around, crappy music and cleavage shots,

She just doesn't have the screen presence that Isoyama Sayaka has. Come to think of it, maybe she's such a memorable character in KDO cause I was rooting for Kuwano to root her. Her half closed eyes look in KDO is not very prevalent here and she does a bit of the Nacci faraway look and tilt the head a bit thingie.

So what have I learnt from this gravure vid? She's much hotter in doramas than in gravures. She's not slender enough and her oppais are not huge enough to compensate. Hope she continues to get supporting roles as she's still better than half of the supporting actresses out there. Anyone think Kuwano would have a chance if only he'd call back earlier?


Anonymous said...

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Akiramike said...

I love the manga! Too bad it ended too quickly...