Saturday, November 18, 2006


Telepathy is the ability to read others' thoughts, an ability that anyone would want. A satorare is the direct opposite of a telepath in that anyone within close proximity can hear a satorare's thoughts. Satorares are rare and the only benefit of their (dis)ability is their genius which gives the government incentive to protect them.

I watched this show 2 years ago so my enthusiasm for this show has died down a bit. The most important thing when watching this show is to ignore all the plotholes and gaps in logic. The show has a most unusual concept and the fun is in exploring the storyline possibilities. One inherent flaw/characteristic of Japanese shows is the lack of time spent on exposition/ explanation. I personally don't mind as long as it means the time is spent on telling stories.

And I'm glad that the show takes a light hearted approach to its tone. Main reason I watched the show without subs is Tsurata Mayu. WTF is she not in more jdoramas? She is fucking hot for a woman in her 30s. The only other actress who could have pulled off Hayasaka in KDO would be her. Maybe they should do KDO 2007 with Tsuruta Mayu. Hhhmm.

While taking screencaps I noticed something else; she pouts a lot which doubles the kawaii factor. Someone please put her on prime time jdoramas. I can definitely see her taking Ishida Yuriko's role in Kazoku. And if someone has Good News, pls upload it to d-addicts. I only managed to get 2 eps off streamload years ago.

Long story short, Satorare is guaranteed to give you hours of fun provided you don't overanalyse things. I'm having fun watching it again, wishing I had more Tsuruta Mayu doramas. :(


tUrtleAE86 said...

Awesome... didn't realize that Tsuruta Mayu was in this drama. I'll have to give it a shot.

Watched Cheap Love? I was quite surprised to see what she could do with a seemingly conservative role. I really enjoyed watching her.

Akiramike said...

Yeah, it was the her first show I watched. By right it should have been a pretty pedestrian show but she kept me hooked. She's the perfect 30 year OL next door.:)

Give the show 2 eps. If you don't find it fun, there's no point continuing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Satorare is a fantastic drama because of Tsuruta Mayu and Joe Odagiri. They were perfect for each other.What's more their characters ended up together.I've seen manay jdorama with lousy endings - I mean the writers would be build up a romantic relationship, then they either killed off one or the romance was left hanging. take Cheap Love where TM acted with Takashi Sorimachi. He died at the end. I think that's why people love Long Vacation coz of the sweet ending. Yes, if only Tsuruta can act in more dramas, I'll be very happy indeed. She's one of the best looking actress in Japan, besides Koyuki and Kou Shibasaki.And she can act beautifully, without much overacting.