Sunday, November 26, 2006

Nodame Cantabile 4 + 5

4 and 5 are an improvement over 2 and 3. Ep 4 is about S'Oke's first performance and there's no way to mess up a story about underdogs getting together. And it made me want to get a kotatsu for winter, not that I need it since I don't watch tv. Ep is more of a backstory of Stresemann and sets up the 2nd half of the show.

Ueno Juri's performance as Nodame is for naught if she continues to get treated like a supporting character. FFS, this show is called Nodame, not Chiaki!

I've got to say, after watching Teppan Shoujo Akane, I've come to appreciate just how good the acting in this show is. I just love watching Stresemann and his horrible Japanese. Its a damn shame that he'll be out of the story. (hopefully not to long) To me, he is the glue that held the show together because all the physical violence/bondage and Masumi-chan stuff is not funny at all. In short, he's the best supporting character and getting rid of him is stupid. Masumi and Mine are just hopeless as supporting characters.

Stresemann with the MILF richijou...

Its a damn shame that they featured Sakura in ep 3 and now she only gets a line or two here and there. Yes storyline wise, she no longer has a purpose but at least she has a funny backstory.

I just find the Stresemann/Nodame stuff funny. Erojijii + innocent/naive girl = comedy gold

As I've said before, this show is technically pretty good. But something is missing. Chemistry? Better jokes? I'm still planning to continue with the show though. The forst 5 eps have been a slow build up for Nodame. Now it seems the show will get into the meat of the Nodame/Chiaki story. I'm not confident they can make it compelling though.

Hhhmm, nothing turns me on like girls who know how to blow......

My finale big complaint is the show not using the good actors in the show. They got Sakurai from densha and Nishimura Masahiko. You've got two veteran actors who can do comedy well and they're relegated to playing teachers who say like 2 lines an episode??? And seriously, how can Iwasa Mayuko be relegated to background character? Is there no justice in the world?

She had such a small part in Gal Circle and now she's just another KLFA. :(


Jung said...

With ep 1 as its peak, I've been slowly losing interest in this drama. I do agree about too much focus on Chiaki.

I think fan teacher will get more action starting ep.7, which is great. Densha would've sucked without him for sure.

I like Eita, but I think I'm tired of seeing the tympanist and his antics. I think he's had more his fair share of airtime and I hope the writer retires him soon.

And you stay away from my flute girl. She's mine!

Akiramike said...

As you've probably seen ep 6, you'd know flute girl only has eyes for Chiaki, and so does every girl on the show.:(