Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Kazoku ep 6

Another reason I'm sorta enjoying this series is cause I work in family law and its interesting to see how it works in different countries. I'm pretty sure what they show in doramas is not a true representation of what actually happens just like how murder trials are never as exciting as the movies. Sigh, if only Rikon Bengoshi were subbed.

From my understanding, to divorce in Japan, it needs to have the consent of both parties and from the show it seems that children and financial matters need to be settled before it can happen. I'm not going to bore you with why I think fault based divorce is stupid but Japan needs to get on with the times.

Hoshino Mari looking absolutely vampish.

My favourite part of ep 6 has to be Hoshino Mari. She injected much needed humour and babe factor into the show and I'm pissed off that it seems she won't be back. Sigh, from playing the main actress in Hoshi no Kinka 3 to playing a small role to Otsuka Ai to a 3 minute appearance. Kinda reminds me of Tanaka Rena's all too brief role in Overtime. (which was the only good thing about that overrated show)

More Hoshino Mari!!!!!!!!

We've got something going on between Ryohei and Shiori but:

1) Its just a freaking tease
2) She's not been developed enough to make it interesting.

Shiori is basically living the life that Satomi could have had. Wouldn't it be interesting if she were willing to abandon it for Satomi's old life while Satomi wants to discard hers? Instead we get the whole going to foreign country for a few years thingie.

This show hinges on Ryohei and the have not built up Miho sensei or Shiori to make it interesting. They're showing Satomi as an ungrateful bitch and the whole Ryohei and Shin-chan father/son thing is getting boring. This show really needs Hoshino Mari goddammit.


Oh yeah, forgot to add my favourite piece of dialogue from Nodame 5:

Sake to ka, tabako to ka, onna to ka, tekitonishete nagaikishite kudasai......

Sake to, tabako to, onna nakureba....

Watashi shinimasu.


Jung said...

Yeah the writer is not giving adequate explanation about why Satomi is so adamant about divorcing, so she's looking pretty horrible at this point. I guess we just have to take Satomi's word for it when she talks about how Ryohei has been a lousy father in the past.

Akiramike said...

It doesn't seem that Ryohei has been that horrible at all. But the appeal of the show is that Satomi is not a sympathetic character. Usually in family shows, everyone looks good and you want to see everyone on good terms. Ryohei should just screw the teacher and bengoshi. :)