Friday, November 10, 2006

Nodame Cantabile ep 3

Didn't really enjoy ep 2. That Masumi-chan is super irritating. Perhaps it has more to do with the shoujoness of the show. All the of characters are basically 2d shoujo stereotypes; the proud, ambitious driven hero, the klutzy heroine, etc. Not every jdorama can feature well fleshed out characters but as long as there's eye candy/enough jokes, then I'm happy.

Ep 3 is one such episode. with the story concentrating on Sakura-chan. She's just sooooo kawaii. And she plays your typical very poor (bimbo) girl struggling to make ends meet. I like that they did not milk her story but went straight for the jokes.

Stresemann is a hoot. Sukebe jijis are always fun to watch. I can't complain about the acting. What's missing is the element of story. Nodame just seems to be a side character and everything just revolves around Chiaki. However, it seems that ep 4 will go back to the main story instead of introducing characters. Maybe the story will start picking up speed then.

Hard to discribe how I feel about the show. Its well done, well acted, music's great and all but I'm just not excited. I enjoyed ep 3 but I just feel like something's missing. Maybe its just a shoujo dorama thing. But I still recommend ep 3, if only for Saeko. :)


tUrtleAE86 said...

A bit disappointed w/Nodame Cantabile.. -_-
I was on top of the world after the first ep, but the 2nd ep just killed it. And, the 3rd ep was only slightly better.

Actually, I was lucky enough to be in Japan for the past 2 weeks for job interviews. And, I got the chance to read some of the Nodame manga at a manga kissa. I must say that Ueno Juri totally pwns the manga version of Nodame. Chiaki was just about on par.

(btw, if you haven't watched Umizaru, I HIGHLY recommend it. I downloaded it ages ago, but there were too many technical terms to watch it without subs. Subbing was completed recently, though. I marathoned through it, which is something I don't tend to do. And, it easily became one of my all-time favorites.)

Akiramike said...

The acting in the show is no doubt good. It just somehow doesn't come together well. However, there are plently of shows that pick up in the middle of the series. I'm still planning to stick to this series and see where it goes.