Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu ep 1

My most anticipated dorama this season. The title translates to Sailar Suit and Machine Gun. With a name like that, what's not to love? As I've said before girls + anything cool make good movies/dorama. Eg: girls + swords, girls + cars or girls + girls. Anyways, the lovely Nagasawa Masami plays the character of Hoshi Izumi, the last remaining heir of the Medaka yakuza clan.

Kicking arse and taking names...

I like how the show starts by showing the end, with Izumi and Sakuma, her no.2 kicking down a door and shooting people. Gives you the incentive to sit through all the character development stuff. The first episode basically introduces the characters and lays out the story for the series: Izumi's quest for revenge and the survival of the Medaka-gumi.

The lovely Koizumi Kyoko looking more her age. Hope her role is decent in this show.

There's subtle humour in this show and it doesn't take itself too seriously. High school girl whose the head of a yakuza clan isn't that realistic but I'm happy they didn't go totaly crazy like MBMH. Nagasawa Masami clearly shows that she deserves to be a leading actress. She's got screen presence. Taking screencaps, I kinda noticed that she doesn't look that hot yet watching the show, I couldn't take my eyes of her. Acting wise, she is brilliant and in some ways reminds me of Hirose Ryoko without the neko smile. I can't decide who is better, her or Ueno Juri.

Tsutsumi Shinichi plays Makoto Sakuma, the man who supposed to be head of Medaka. Like all characters named Makoto, he's your straight shooting, honest fella. I'm just glad he's in the show cause he's a damn good actor.

Still too early to judge the series. I had fun, didn't fast forward and am damn looking forward to watching ep 2.

verdict: Highly watchable.


incyphe said...

haha you must be the biggest Nagasawa Masami fan. I'm her fan too, so I wanted to like this drama, but I think her portrayal of untainted and fragile character Hoshi izumi is average at best.

And it has way too many cheese moments...

haha sorry just rambling

Akiramike said...

Cheese is what makes jdoramas what they are. Yes, the part where Sakuma talks about each of the characters is a bit ugh but as long as it doesn't get too cheesy, I'm happy. Cheese is to jdoramas what melodrama is to kdramas.

Of all the doramas this season, I find this one the most promising. Acting average? I can't think of how her acting could be better. Maybe my judgement has been blinded by her kawaiiness.

Feel free to ramble/critisize here. I don't critisize shows in D-addicts as I don't want to discourage fansubbers.

InCyphe said...

Haha yeah a lot of jdrama has cheese. Besides being lactose intolerant, I guess I'm having hard time overlooking the absurdity of the premise.

I watched ep 3 a week ago, and really, the only reason why I kept watching was because of my hope of seeing our cute kumicho become more violent... and maybe even do something really illegal. lol

Most dramas this season are maintaining their first ep. rating... except sailor, which went from 18% to 9%. :-x Anyway enough bashing. lol

Well my favorite this season is still Nodame. Kiraware Matsuko is also good, but it's getting pretty depressing to watch after 4 eps. I think Boku no Aruku is also very good. Some fantastic non-dialog acting going on in that drama.

Your previous post reminded me to get Kuzu Bengoshi, and I think it's a pretty good series too. The main guy is so different from his old Aoi Tori character. lol